Huge planetary box, this Netflix series which has just been released will have a season 2 from July 23

On Netflix, series, films and documentaries follow one another at high speed. There is something for everyone, all the time. Well, it’s true that sometimes we would like a season to come faster, like for Ozark which we are desperately awaiting the date of the final season. In general, you have to wait a year to see the rest of a season, the time to see if it works with subscribers then to shoot, edit and put in a box. With the coronavirus, filming has been delayed, so it may be longer. Yet, four months after its release, one of the most popular series of the moment will already have its sequel.

Released on March 19 on Netflix, Sky Red is a hit in all countries and will therefore be entitled to a season 2. Who already has a broadcast date! It will be available from July 23, 2021. How then is this possible? Maybe because the format of this Spanish series is different from the others. Season 1 had eight episodes, which is pretty classic, but didn’t last very long, between 25 and 30 minutes. It necessarily takes less time to shoot. It may also be because the producers and directors knew they were gone for several seasons of Sky Red. They were therefore able to chain the episodes of season 2 as soon as season 1 ended. This second season, which will arrive in the middle of the summer, is obviously excellent news for Netflix subscribers since this series is a real phenomenon. Once you enter this crazy chase in the desert regions of Spain between the three women (Gina, Coral and Wendy) and the three men (Romeo, Christian and Moisés), you can’t do without it. We have already checked Friday July 23 in our diary.


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