Luna (Les Marseillais) accused of having cheated on Jonathan (LPDLA8) with Paga, she answers cash

Luna (Les Marseillais) has responded to accusations that she cheated on her ex Jonathan with Paga.

A few days ago, we unveiled the exclusive secrets of Paga and Luna on Les Marseillais à Dubaï. While the two candidates have lived a rather incredible adventure, they are today indeed a couple, despite the ups and downs. Moreover, before being cheated by her boyfriend with Lena, Luna Skye was accused of infidelity towards Jonathan, her darling in The Princes and Princesses of Love, with Paga. But did she really cheat on the young man? The reality seems a little different according to the principal concerned. Interviewed by Purebreak, Luna said she quickly put an end to her relationship with Jonathan after the adventure, because outside, “I found him in stories, at 6-7 in the morning, with girls in a hot tub.” The two therefore decided to remain friends.

But then, did Luna really cheat on Jonathan with Paga? Not really. For her, she has never been in a relationship with the candidate of LPDLA8 and he knew very well what was going on between them. Always for Purebreak, Luna swung: “He was aware that Paga and I saw each other without being together. I had been single for 6 months, apart from smacking Jonathan, I didn’t kiss anyone for 6 months … We were never a couple because there were only smacks. We did nothing more. “ You will understand, Luna says there was never any deception in this story! Speaking of love stories, it’s time to test your knowledge of reality TV star couples.

Credit: Purebreak / Instagram @lunaskye


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