Christophe, “fetishist”, “very liar” and unfaithful to “the woman of his life”

            Amazing revelations about Christophe, a year after his death.  In his memories, available on April 7, the singer lays down his relationship with Michèle Torr, his seductive character, his only great love, his daughter Lucie ... His widow Véronique Kan also unveiled the underside of their (chaotic) life of couple...            

One year after the death of Christophe, died at the age of 74 from pulmonary insufficiency, his uninhibited confidences arise, in his briefs published on April 7. His relationship with her daughter, his break with Véronique, her romance with Michèle Torr: the late singer gave himself up without make-up, before finally bowing out. Paris Match has already published the good sheets of his book, Live the Night, Dream the Day.
In the 1960s, Christophe had a adventure with Michèle Torr. From their short relationship was born a son, Romain Vidal, now 43 years old, whom the singer has never publicly acknowledged.

Christophe: his meeting with Michèle Torr

In his memoirs, the interpreter of Blue words remembered the meeting with Michèle Torr: “Blonde too. I met her during the preparations for the tour we were about to start Hervé Vilard, she and I. She came to my place from time to time, i liked him“.

He even specified that at the time, it “looked like Marilyn and wore Shalimar by Guerlain“. What captivate (for a time) the singer.

End of their romance and birth of Romain Vidal

When we arrived in Paris, in front of my hut, I knew that she wanted to move in with me“, he continued. The end of their relationship had sounded.

Michèle Torr and Romain Vidal © Aps / ABACAPRESS.COM

Christophe can claim to have seduces many women, but romantic relationships weren’t his strong suit: “Mon problem with women, it’s always been a question of baggage: every time they come to me with it, the story ends. My suitcase, it’s still in the hallway“.

As for their son Romain Vidal, he was not a bridge between their two worlds. “Some time later, I found out that she was pregnant. She probably thought that this child would bind us a little more. That’s probably why she kept it. But it did not bring us closeron the contrary“, said Christophe.

Christophe, “fetishist” and “handsome liar”

The singer also confided on his seductive abilities:Often, I have been asked how I do to fall girls. I am a charming guy, a good talker, a handsome liar, I have a lot of imagination. When I like a woman, I know how to mess around, play the actor, the madman“.

And to add: “I am not not a collector of women, but a fetishist. Possession for the sake of possession doesn’t interest me at all. I prefer to play by leaving it to chance and setting the bar very high“.

Véronique Kan, her “great love”

The interpreter of Aline only had one great love, the one who was his wife, the mother of his daughter Lucie, Véronique Kan Bévilacqua.

The great love of my life, it’s Véronique, my wife and the mother of my daughter Lucie, the most beautiful meeting of my night. We stayed together for thirty years“, he asserted.

In the early 2000s, the rupture, almost inevitable, has occurred: “I left because Véronique stood out and we were arguing all the time. However, this separation, I never really understood it. I still can’t explain it to myself and I don’t think she can either. Véronique nonetheless remains the woman of my life“.

However, the couple never divorced.

Véronique Kan balances: “He was disagreeable”

Véronique Kan, she has other details to provide on the reasons for their separation. The singer’s widow confided in Paris Match that in the 70s, a year after the birth of their daughter Lucie, Christophe has set sail.

Something like: ‘You are the woman of my life, I will never love anyone like you, I will continue to see my daughter. But i need regain some freedom. It was very hard. It was very aloof, rude, she remembered.

After the departure of the one who had seduced her with his “a la James Dean“, Véronique Kan tried to to console in the arms of a “key figure in Aix-en-Provence“, André Blanc.

Mad with jealousy on learning this story, Christophe then put himself at the head of the to win back. Lucie’s mother finally gave in: “I didn’t want my daughter to be raised by someone other than her father“.

Lies, infidelity: his widow says it all

After having reworked, the lovebirds are stayed as a couple for decades. But their love has not been easy. Incorrigible unfaithful, the interpreter of Paradise Lost made him see all the colors.

When you are married to a man like Christophe, you risk end up in Sainte-Anne or in jail. You have to know how to preserve yourself. I have lived my life. He too was able to leave for a whole week without me knowing where. And like he was very liar, I never managed to nab with another chick“, assured Véronique Kan, still in Paris Match.

Her story with Marie-Amélie Seigner

After thirty years couple life, Lucie’s mother also let herself go unfaithfulness. By discovering the pot-aux-roses, Christophe slammed the door definitively.

The singer’s widow said: “It was separated on this story… Good … I found out after that he was already with Marie-Amelie Seigner (the sister of Mathilde and Emmanuelle Seigner, editor’s note) From the moment we were no longer together he didn’t want to tell me about him anymore“.

In his memoirs, Christophe did not conceal his manias of seducer inveterate: “I do not have never been faithful because I had other desires. On this side too, I have always been a researcher. Obviously that didn’t make me a gift to women“.

The “real anger” of his daughter Lucie

In regards to his daughter Lucie, the singer had a complicated relationship with her: “The thing I’m most proud of is loving my daughter whileshe doesn’t love me“.

And to specify: “My relationship with her today is not at the top. There are ups and downs. Family is difficult to preserve. My physical ailments wake up when my daughter gives me the blues, when she brings me back to reality“,

His widow tempered Christophe’s speech in Paris Match: “Between her and her father there was a real love but stubborn grudges… I would like her to take care of her musical heritage, there are a few bits and pieces in Christophe’s computer. She has an artistic sense worthy of her father’s, but I think it won’t come true, much to my disappointment (…) She’s got one real anger in her“.



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