Cinema: “Knives drawn”, Netflix wins

Cinema: “Knives drawn”, Netflix wins
Cinema: “Knives drawn”, Netflix wins

For who appreciated Rian Johnson’s tremendous ability to capture the genre “Who Killed?” to both respect the codes (a crime, suspects, an investigation and a meeting during which the detective unmasks the culprit) and maliciously subvert them (we do not tell you how), learn that there will be new adventures of Benoit Blanc in the form of feature films, still with Daniel Craig in the title role and Rian Johnson at the helm, is excellent news.

This is what confirms “The Hollywood Reporter” which specifies that Netflix emerged victorious from the rat race (against other competing platforms) to arrogate to itself the rights of production and of diffusion of at least two continuations to the film “Knives Out”, one of the very good surprises of 2019.

The American streaming platform has agreed to sign a substantial check to achieve its ends: more than $ 400 million, an unspecified source tells the “Hollywood Reporter”. Johnson will retain full creative control with the sole constraint of retaining his headliner, Craig in this case. What he certainly did not need to ask. Filming for the next feature film will begin this summer in Greece.

“Knives Out” was for Rian Johnson an elegant and triumphant way of getting out of the quagmire he found himself in after the release of the controversial episode 8 of the “Star Wars – The Last Jedi” saga he directed. previously. A filibuster film received precisely at daggers drawn by the still many fans of the extended universe created by George Lucas. By the way, they had not yet seen the industrial accident that constitutes episode 9 “The Rise of Skywalker” which concludes a trilogy, without vision, without pilot and now with a complicated future.

For Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig, the appointment is taken with a certain confidence, it will be said.

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