The Suicide Squad: these details prove that The Thinker will be linked to Starro in the film

Several elements could have teased the link between the supervillain Starro and the Thinker in The Suicide Squad.

Last week, we got to see the long-awaited trailer for The Suicide Squad. The opportunity for the public to reconnect with Task Force X and for James Gunn to introduce its new members. Among them, Bloodsport, Peacemaker but also the Thinker. Incarnated by Peter Capaldi, this character should however join the team led by Amanda Waller against her will, evidenced by the threats of Rick Flag and Bloodsport in the trailer, as the latter embark on a perilous mission on the island. by Corto Maltese. Once there, our heroes will face Starro, an alien resembling a giant starfish. If the elements of the first images unveiled seem to make this creature the villain of the film, other details disseminated around its promotion could have teased the link between the monster and the Thinker.

Indeed, on social networks, a fan noticed that the poster representing Peter Capaldi’s character featured purple starfish, which he said teasing the Thinker’s involvement alongside Starro in The Suicide Squad. A link on which, moreover, preferred to keep silent James Gunn, the director having offered on Twitter, a particularly enigmatic answer. The Thinker seems to share some telepathic connection with the creature, so much so that the team led by Rick Flag and Bloodsport might want to extract information from him in order to destroy Starro or even enlist their services in order to control him. It remains to be seen whether the character played by Peter Capaldi will prove to be cooperative. But in the meantime, find out if The Suicide Squad will be used to introduce the Multiverse thanks to Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in the DCEU!

Credits: Screen Rant.


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