Le Matin – Mohamed Serghini Prize: Prize-winning poetic collections in Fez

Le Matin – Mohamed Serghini Prize: Prize-winning poetic collections in Fez
Le Matin – Mohamed Serghini Prize: Prize-winning poetic collections in Fez

A set of poetic collections by creators of different trends have just been awarded during the 2021 edition of the Mohamed Serghini Poetry Prize, initiated by the Circle of Moroccan Thought (CPM).

The first prize was awarded to the poet Abderahim Salili, while the second was won exequo by the poets Said Sajed El Karaouani and Mostapha Rajouane, whose collections will be edited by the organizers.

The jury awarded a special mention to three poets, namely Abdellatif Essakhiri, Mostapha Abou Barakat and Abdelhak Barahmoun. Their texts will also be published by the CPM.

Chaired by the poet Abdessalam El Moussaoui, the jury for this edition was made up of critics Abdellah Ohadi, Abdelghani El Khaldi and Said Sasioui, in addition to the poets Raouya Yahyaoui and Zoubir El Khyat.

This award, named after Mohamed Serghini, a pioneer of modernity in Moroccan poetic creation, is recognition of the great contribution of this poet in the development of modern Moroccan poetry and for his poetic writings, which marked Arab poetry. , according to the organizers. Mohamed Serghini, born in 1930 in Fez, studied at Al-Qaraouyine University, before going to Iraq, where he received training in the linguistic and literary field in Baghdad in 1959, then at the Faculty of letters from Rabat and finally to the Sorbonne in Paris.

Also graduated in Comparative Literature in 1963 and a 3rd cycle Doctorate in 1970, followed by a State Doctorate in 1985, Serghini has to his credit several works published in Arabic. Mohamed Serghini, who is among others the author of the novel “ Wajadtouka Fi hada Alarkhabil ”, collaborated with the Spanish poet Trina Mercader, in the publication from 1947 to 1956 in Larache, then in Tetouan, of the review “ Al Mouâtamid ”, published in Arabic and Spanish languages.

He was awarded the 2004 Argana International Poetry Prize by the Maison de la poésie du Maroc, in recognition of his half-century efforts to modernize Moroccan poetry.

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