his daughter Lucie has “a real anger in her” and feels “stubborn resentment”

his daughter Lucie has “a real anger in her” and feels “stubborn resentment”
his daughter Lucie has “a real anger in her” and feels “stubborn resentment”

A year after Christophe’s death, his daughter does not want to take care of her musical heritage. As explained by her widow Véronique Bevilacqua, Lucie feels a certain resentment towards her father.

April 16, 2020 Christophe passed away at the age of 74 after pulmonary emphysema, amplified by Covid-19 from which he also suffered. Almost a year after his death, his widow, Véronique Bevilacqua, delivers the singer’s memoirs to the public in Live the night, dream the day, a book which will appear on April 7. Thanks to his long career, the singer of Blue words leaves behind a beautiful musical legacy, but his daughter, Lucie, would not want to take care of it. In an exclusive interview with Paris Match, his wife looks back on the complicated relationship that Lucie had with her father.

A special relationship

Shortly after Lucie’s birth in 1971, Christophe announced in a letter to his wife that he was leaving her: “I’ll keep seeing my girl, but I need some freedom“, he said to her. A hard blow for the young mother, but the couple ends up reconciling shortly after for the well-being of their family:”I didn’t want my daughter to be raised by anyone other than her father“, she confides. But although they put the pieces back together apparently, they were not really faithful to each other. On the one hand, Véronique spent her weekends with a man and Christophe had a relationship with Marie-Amélie Seigner. They end up separating after 28 years together, but never divorcing. And finally, their story strongly impacted their daughter.

Lucie has a “real anger in her

Since Christophe’s death, Lucie and Véronique have gone back to their family stories: “Between her and her father, there was a real love, but also stubborn resentment …“, she reveals to Paris Match. The singer’s daughter feels worn out by her parents’ destructive relationship: “I would like her to take care of her musical heritage, there are a few bits and pieces in Christophe’s computer. She has an artistic sense worthy of her father’s, but I know it won’t come true, much to my disappointment“, she explains. Before finishing:”She has real anger in her.

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