Dua Lipa to sing on Facebook live in support of occupation of theaters

Famous British singer Dua Lipa will perform on Facebook live tomorrow at 2 p.m. to support French artists in these difficult times.

The artist with a retro groove, and disco influence had already expressed his interest in France, and its artists. His featuring ” Fever With French singer Angèle had been a phenomenal success and had garnered more than 54 million views on YouTube and 100 million streams! The chemistry between the two artists had taken quickly after having exchanged for a long time via social networks. This explosive song, which looks like a 1980s hit, quickly became number 1 in radio!

Against all expectations, the artist declared on his social networks to have been affected by the situation of artists in France, who have not been able to perform for a year, when the United States finally seems to find moments of pre-covid life. ” Suprise… i’ll perform on facebook live for all my French fan and for all French artists to support them while this covid-19 thing. Love”She tweeted.

A passionate theater lover from a young age, she took part-time classes at the Syvia Young Theater School before embarking on music. This passion does not seem to have diminished since she has chosen to perform live on the Facebook page of the Théâtre de l’Odéon. Not to miss.

Visual: © Pierre Lou Quillard

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