Curling: Peter de Cruz: “We have to ignore the issues”

Curling: Peter de Cruz: “We have to ignore the issues”
Curling: Peter de Cruz: “We have to ignore the issues”

Switzerland can no longer do it at the Calgary Worlds. In the aftermath of a double defeat conceded against Norway (10-5) and Scotland (7-4), the skip Peter de Cruz and his little comrades from CC Geneva bowed down to Denmark (9-8 ). While everything seemed fine since they led 7-4 in the attack of the antepenultimate end, the Helvetians finally experienced the throes of defeat for the fifth time in the competition.

Three games before the end of the “round robin”, Peter de Cruz and his family no longer have any right to make mistakes. If they intend to achieve the first goal they set for themselves, they will have to win against the Netherlands, South Korea and China. Three formations which display a record of two successes against eight defeats and which bring up the rear in the standings.

Leaving across the Atlantic with great ambitions, the Genevans have tempered their ardor. “From now on, our main objective is to enter the top-6 to qualify for the play-offs,” confided Peter de Cruz a few hours before facing Denmark. But above all to offer Switzerland a place at the Beijing Olympics (2022). This is the bare minimum. ” It is for the moment useless to think of a place of finalist which would offer this sesame to the CC Geneva. “We have to put that aside for now. It’s far too distant to think about it, ”confirmed the skip.

Focus on the top-6 objective. An obviously realistic goal for a man who already has three world bronze medals to his name. But to achieve this, Peter De Cruz & Cie will have to regain their curling. “We delivered good, even very good matches. But we were also bad, if not very bad. It’s a mix of everything, ”continued the bronze medalist at the Pyeongchang Games.

The good one, for starters. With a victory over the double Swedish title holder from the start, Peter de Cruz and his team launched their Worlds perfectly. Three other successes came to compost an ideal start. “Maybe we got a little carried away. But without falling into an excess of euphoria, ”tempered Peter de Cruz. “There have never been so many teams at the Worlds (editor’s note: 14). At that time, we were aware that we were only a third of the round robin and a quarter of the competition. We knew it was going to be a long week. ”

This is where the worst happens. Since then, the Swiss have won only one of their last six matches. “We were better than the Italians, but we were unlucky because Benoît (editor’s note: Schwarz, No 4) experienced a problem with his stone at a watershed moment. Against Norway, we shot each other in the foot. But one or two of our setbacks could not have turned into a victory, ”noted Peter de Cruz. “Each of us has had a failure at an important time. We have always lacked a little something, a few inches, in key moments, to be able to play the perfect stone. “

Now with his back to the wall, the Genevan knows what he must do to reverse the trend. “Obviously we’re going to have to start playing our best curling. We must forget our misadventures and rely on our certainties. Everything is not to be thrown away. Some of our opponents have played great matches against us. It’s up to us to do the same. We remain calm because we know that we are capable of much better. ”

Peter de Cruz has a recipe for avoiding cruel disillusionment: “Pleasure is the basis of the game. We must have fun and ignore the stakes, the expectations that rest on our shoulders. By being more relaxed, we will produce better curling. If we get there, the results will follow. ”

The Genevans no longer have a choice.

Pandemic forces, these Worlds are necessarily special. And in more than one way. Indeed, the health constraints imposed on the teams are strict to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Peter de Cruz and his teammates have little opportunity to change their minds. They live, so to speak, reclusive, each in their hotel room. An establishment has also been “requisitioned” by the organization to accommodate all the participants in these world championships.

“We obviously all got tested. If we are relatively free to move around in the hotel, this is limited to going back and forth between our room and room service to get food. That is just about everything. Nothing happens. We can’t even go get some fresh air, if only in the parking lot, explains Peter de Cruz. These Worlds are really atypical. Also in the ice rink, the atmosphere is bizarre since no fans are present. ”

Nevertheless, the Genevan tries to take things on the bright side. “It’s not easy to take your mind off things, nor to find a rhythm. Suddenly, we exchange with our relatives by phone at times not possible for them, laughs Peter de Cruz. But it’s still cool to be there. We are anyway happy to participate in these games. ” / TERM

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