ambient sounds would confirm Cala’s racist insults against Diakhaby

ambient sounds would confirm Cala’s racist insults against Diakhaby
ambient sounds would confirm Cala’s racist insults against Diakhaby
According to a Valencia radio station, the ambient sounds of the Cadiz-Valencia match spotted Juan Cala’s alleged racist insults against Mouctar Diakhaby on Sunday.

For the moment, it’s word against word. Mouctar Diakhaby again assured to have been the victim of racist insults from Juan Cala, Sunday during the match between Cadiz and Valencia (2-1). The opposing defender denies having uttered the words “black shit”. “Either Diakhaby invented it, or he understood something else when I told him to leave me alone,” he said at a press conference. But according to the Valencia radio show Tribuna Deportiva, the ambient sounds of Movistar +, La Liga broadcaster in Spain, have revealed the existence of Cala’s words.

This one would like to it these words: “black with shit, go cry”. Mouctar Diakhaby reacted to these revelations on Twitter by pointing out the wait-and-see attitude of the Spanish Football League. “To be silent is to be an accomplice, La Liga.” The authorities have opened an investigation into the accusations of the former Lyonnais who had left the field with his teammates to protest against these actions.

On Wednesday, the Catalan daily Sport obtained the document in which the body justifies its procedure. It is written: “The opening of a case requires having reasonable minimum indications of the commission of an offense”. Which seemed to indicate that there was evidence of his insults.

The nature of the elements was not specified. At first, the Spanish press had indicated that the League did not have material proof (image or sound) on the words of Cala. But in recent days, several audio passages have flourished on social networks, presenting them as the words kept by the Spanish player. Pending the results of the investigation, the president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, spoke in a podcast of the media The Athletic in which he denounces the lack of support from other Spanish clubs.

“I am surprised that no Spanish club has come out in support of Valencia’s statement, he said. Many other clubs abroad have done so. But basically, if we don’t take that away, if the clubs don’t act together to change the norms and the rules and how we run these type of events i will say, ‘if making statements helps you sleep at night go for it but it doesn’t ‘is not enough for me’. ”

When the journalist asks him if the attitude of La Liga clubs really surprises him, Murthy assures us the opposite. “Honestly no, because that’s how it goes here, he regrets. And that’s why it’s so urgent that the clubs and institutions say, let’s be serious.”

Since the affair, Murthy has stepped up to defend his player and denounce the defense of Cala. The club posted a message on social media saying: “We don’t believe you Cala”. The latter considers himself to be defamed and promises to sue.

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