Arteta’s response to the Torreira situation

Mikel Arteta reacted at a press conference to Lucas Torreira’s strong words on his future ahead of the Europa League quarter-final first leg against Slavia Prague at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday night.

If he said he understood the desires elsewhere of the Uruguayan midfielder, on loan to Atletico Madrid since the start of the 2020-2021 season and eager to join Boca Juniors for family reasons, the Spanish coach of Arsenal warned that no decision has yet been taken for the short-term future of the 25-year-old footballer, under contract until June 2023 and little used by Diego Simeone (5 starts in 22 matches, 1 goal).

« Of course, we contacted him. We talked to him and we know how difficult it is for him. He was truly attached to his mother and is truly attached to his family. It is a difficult time for him and emotionally there are a lot of thoughts going through his mind. When things are like this, now is not the time to make decisions. I understand. I understand how he feels emotionally. He probably feels the need and the responsibility to be closer to his family. But now is not the time to make decisions and it is certainly a decision that needs to be made by different parties. Now nothing is going to change. It’s just an interview with a few comments. We will see what happens. “

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