Formula 1 | Budkowski sees Mercedes F1 returning to Red Bull quickly

Alpine F1 Team sporting director Marcin Budkowski is following with interest the fight at the forefront of Formula 1 this season between Mercedes and Red Bull. According to him, Red Bull has a small advantage which could turn in favor of the reigning world champions in the near future.

“You clearly have Red Bull ahead and Mercedes not far away” Judge the Pole. “I think they are behind at the moment but I would be curious to see where they will be in two or three races, because they are a great team, very well structured and very competent and they clearly have some problems that they will settle. “

Budkowski had previously explained that he sees just one big field between fifth and 16th place, and he puts Alpine in that soft belly: “So our aim is to be at the front of this group rather than at the back. Right now we’re somewhere in the middle and we’re missing a few tenths to be up front.”

“It could be different in the next race and it will be interesting to follow, because the others will develop their cars a bit, but not so long this season due to the arrival of the regulations for 2022. So it will be interesting . The midfield is going to be very, very competitive throughout the season. “


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