Formula 1 | F1 driver salary cap set to be $ 30 million

Formula 1 seems to be getting closer to an agreement around driver salaries. These will most certainly become framed in the years to come, and according to the Italian press, a figure has already been set.

“Rumor has it they agreed on a figure” explique Luigi Perna in La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Each team, in the coming seasons, can spend a maximum of $ 30 million on both pilots and reservists. Bonuses and personal image rights will be excluded.”

The only two drivers earning more than this limit are Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, while Charles Leclerc is also close. The Monegasque did not want to express himself officially but did not hide a certain disagreement.

“I have an opinion on the subject, but I prefer to discuss it in private with the FIA ​​rather than in public” explained the Ferrari driver. “I nevertheless want to stress the risks we take on the track.”


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