Football – “Vevey had prepared a real trap”

Football – “Vevey had prepared a real trap”
Football – “Vevey had prepared a real trap”

Like his players, Alain Geiger sweated Wednesday night before seeing his Servette pass the shoulder in the Cup (2-4). But above all, the Garnet coach had a very good evening, in a special atmosphere.
Florian Vaney

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Eric Lafargue

Alain Geiger, Vevey was delighted with the respect that Servette showed to the “little” Wednesday. What do you say?

First, that he would have had to be crazy to look down on them. They had prepared a real trap for us, in a good way. To put themselves in their bubble, they referred to the history of the club, to their great years. I knew them well, I played against Vevey at the time. Wednesday, for them, was the event. They analyzed us from every angle, prepared for this match like no other, their supporters still raised the temperature. I warned the team that we could not expect an easy game.

And secondly?

That they too have shown us a great deal of respect. We were welcomed like royalty, everyone was entitled to their fruit basket, a little attention. In the end, we win, okay. And somewhere, it is surely better that Servette is going to represent French-speaking Switzerland further in the table. But I think we have to talk about a particularly successful sporting event.

Did you not mind seeing so many people around the stadium?

It depends on what we’re talking about. I can understand that so many supporters have come together. Besides, I tell myself that Vevey probably did not dissuade them from coming. The only downside of the evening on that side is that some have built a barrier at the back of our bus when leaving.


However, we were surprised. It had been a year, at least, since we had played a match in such an atmosphere. We got used to hearing the referee, the players. The nothing. It was hard to pass orders from the bench. The Cup is above all about emotions. In this case, they were clearly on their side.

“We have to talk about a particularly successful sporting event.”

Alain Geiger, Servette FC coach

Emotions, is that what you missed to spend a quieter evening?

But entering a competition like the Swiss Cup is not easy. Vevey may have had this little advantage over us. It was his sixth game, us the first. It takes a click, it’s a habit to take. My little fear is that we will not be able to get into the Cup state of mind enough in the next few laps. It’s hard playing every three days. I will do my best to try to convey this to my players.

The case could still have been closed in five minutes …

That is true. Afterwards, it is the history of football. We do not take advantage of our opportunities, Vevey gains confidence, we fall into its own rhythm and everything becomes very difficult.

If you only left Jérémy Frick, Gaël Clichy and Gaël Ondoua at rest, is it because you felt the blow coming?

As you said, we did not take this game lightly. Also because we realized the number of Super League teams eliminated by lower ranked formations. Concerning Frick, Clichy and Ondoua, they really needed to breathe, after having chained a lot.

“In the 80s, in Servette, we were a bit well off. In Vevey, the players arrived at the stadium by bike “

Alain Geiger, Servette FC coach

We do not teach you anything by reminding you that Servette is only two victories away from her first Cup final in twenty years …

We have that in the back of our heads, of course. But if we replay a game like Wednesday against Kriens, I’m not sure we’ll see the semi-finals. So the final is a long way off… I know that having “only” four matches to win to win a trophy looks like a godsend. But it’s just as tricky.

You said you knew the great Vevey Sports of the time. What memories do you keep?

A very nice goal that I had scored in Geneva. He had been photographed, I can be seen raising my arm. I watch her sometimes. And above all, the shock of the two worlds when we went to play there. At Servette in the 1980s, we were a bit well off. While in Vevey, the players arrived at the stadium by bike. We liked to laugh about it.

Posted today at 13:17

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