Suspension of Chad by Fifa: what impact on local football?

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Image caption, The Chad team, during their match against Sudan on September 11, 2019, in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Chad is officially suspended by Fifa until further notice.

Why did the governing body of world football take this radical decision?

Fifa accuses Chad of government interference in the management of the country’s football federation.

Indeed, it all started with a decision by the country’s Minister of Youth and Sports to dissolve the Federation of Football Associations of Chad in March, to set up a national committee for the temporary management of football and to take the lead. control of the premises of the Football Federation.

“The Federation of Football Associations of Chad (FTF) loses all its membership rights, as defined in article 13 of the statutes of Fifa, with immediate effect and until further notice”, explains Fifa.

“The representative teams and the FTFA club teams therefore no longer have the right to participate in international competitions until the suspension is lifted”, informs Fifa in its press release.

“It also means that neither the FTF nor any of its members or officials can benefit from any development program, course or training of Fifa,” continues the governing body of world football.

Previously, the Confederation of African Football (Caf) had disqualified the national team from the last two qualifying rounds for the African Cup of Nations last month following the government’s announcement to dissolve the football federation.

Chad have no international fixtures coming up after being knocked out of 2022 World Cup qualifiers by Sudan in 2019.

Former international Japhet Ndoram, in the middle in a white shirt, during the press conference on Wednesday in N'Djamena.

Photo credit, Vincent Niébédé

Image caption,

Former international Japhet Ndoram, in the middle in a white shirt, with officials, at the press conference on Wednesday in N’Djamena.

However, this suspension did not leave Chadian football players indifferent.

The members of the national committee for the temporary management of football held a press conference on Wednesday, April 7 in the afternoon.

Vincent Niébédé, the BBC correspondent in N’Djamena attended the meeting chaired by the former international Japhet N’Doram and his team who reacted to the sanction.

“We expected this sanction”, Japhet N’Doram, former international

In N’Djamena, the Chadian capital, football players were not surprised by the sanction imposed by Fifa.

This is the case of the former member of FC Nantes and As Monaco in France in the 90s. Japhet N’Doram is the president of the National Committee for the temporary management of football.

“Obviously disqualification, we expected since the delegation was withdrawn from the federation. So, the success of Chadian football, what is it? National football must already exist. stop at the moment. “, explains Japhet N’Doram.

According to him, the work must be done first at all levels, “whether at the level of young people or at the level of adults”.

“The objective today is first of all to put a team that will relaunch this championship to allow teams to compete to be competitive. And from the moment that we are competitive, we can qualify for a final phase, “he continues.

This new approach will not be possible according to Japhet N’Doram without the training of young people and educators.

“We have the capacity but I believe that what we lack today is the competition. As a result, every year, we are eliminated in the preliminary rounds. In order for football to exist and last, we have to Youth. We will have to reopen the training centers that exist but which have never worked, we must therefore put young people back into the competition, but also train educators, “he said.

The strategy of the national committee, set up by decree, is to “give visibility through national competition, which will allow it to have arguments to go out to meet international bodies.”

What is the impact of this decision on the Chad?

Considering that the Chadian national team, the “Sao”, do not have official matches for the next 11 months to come, what impact could this suspension of Fifa really have?

Technically, this suspension does not appear to have immediate effects on Chadian football, as the country is eliminated from the African Cup of Nations race scheduled for 2022 in Cameroon and the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. which will take place in Qatar.

But we asked our Sports correspondent based in Abidjan.

Fifa logo

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Mohamed Fofana Dara, Sports Correspondent of BBC Africa, Abidjan

It is naturally a stop that will know the Chadian football. Decades of agony that had started by tiring and the good performance of Chad’s ODS in regional competition (UNIFAC) had aroused hope and aroused passions.

In spite of the precariousness of the social situation, fundamental work had been done for a few years now, and training centers have sprung up. The various development projects initiated by FIFA have largely contributed to this, new playing fields with sometimes synthetic lawns to facilitate the practice of football.

And at the end of the day, talents that have emerged and that are selling well outside. This is a pattern that can be found in almost all African countries where young people, sometimes at the cost of their lives, will monetize their talent mainly in Europe. Chadian football was so close to the outbreak.

With this decision to exclude Chadian football from the great family of world football, the horizon darkens, footballers, young and old, are deprived of their passion. The problem of state interference in the management of football in Africa is real and it is not specific to Chad. Many countries on the continent face this dilemma.

Given the mediocrity of financial means, it is for the most part the States, through financial devices (subsidies, parafiscality) which support the practice of sport in general and football in particular. Look, the costs of transport and accommodation of national selections and teams in inter-club competitions are the subject of communication in the Council of Ministers.

Difficult in this case, not to see clearly and better, not to be tempted to place his men of confidence at the head of the federations. Jacques Anouma, one of the postulants declared in the last election of president of CAF, had spoken about it, noting the delicacy of the subject. We imagine that FIFA President Gianni Infantino will make the right decision to guarantee the independence of his institution.


A Chadian player battling a Sudanese opponent in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Photo credit, Capture Cafonline

Image caption,

A Chadian player battling a Sudanese opponent in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

A little glimmer of hope?

Could there be a possibility of a turnaround in favor of Chad? Could Fifa reconsider its decision?

An official statement from the governing body of world football raises some hope on the side of Chad.

“The Bureau of the Fifa Council or the Fifa Council may lift this suspension at any time before the next Fifa Congress is held and we will inform you of this,” FIFA said in a statement.

But only on a number of conditions. It is necessary that :

  • the government repeals its decisions
  • the management of the Chadian Football Federation confirms to FIFA that its premises are again under its control

The next Congress of the Bureau of the FIFA Council is to be held online on May 21. But until then, Fifa reminded affiliates, “not to enter into any sporting contact with the FTF and / or its teams during the FTF suspension.”

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