the ideal candidate for the presidency of the Greens emerges!

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: top 10 market values ​​of the Greens

At a time when the future of ASSE is talking a lot behind the scenes, Poteaux Carrés offers an interview with Alain Bompard (78 years), the former president of the Greens, not really tender with the current presidents … “The duo Caiazzo – Romeyer, I don’t really have sympathy for them. This duo of presidents, I can’t quite understand. For me, a chef is made for a chef and there are not several chefs! Otherwise you never get out of it! “, He estimates, while criticizing the management of the club …” When I see that we sell Saliba and Fofana for nearly 70 million! You realize ? Wait, with that, you should binge on today! With this money, you should have other players than those of this season. I can’t quite understand that, but it’s not my problem anymore! “


Alain Bompard: “At some point, you have to know how to pass the hand”

And Bompard to slip this confidence on Romeyer: “One day, Roland told me that he wanted to die in Saint-Etienne and that his ashes be spread in the goal, side Kop South or Kop North, I do not remember any more. . When you hear that, you tell yourself it’s dangerous! At some point, you have to know how to pass the hand. They should have looked for another partner 4-5 years ago, not to be too greedy. At the time, they could have found an investor. But I think Roland doesn’t want to sell and the other wants to sell very expensive. It’s not simple ! “

“Alexandre, I’m sure he would succeed”

To quote ASSE, the name of Bompard’s son, Alexandre, is then suggested, and Alain Bompard admits: “Ah, I would like! I’m sure he would succeed! Compared to me, he has financial networks! He knows all the bosses of the CAC40! It’s an advantage. And then Alexandre is exceptionally intelligent, everyone knows it, but also exceptionally kind! It is his trademark. He is of a simplicity, a kindness. The supporters loved him back then, he would see them all the time! But he told me that you wrote to him not long ago! He explained to me that he had received dozens and dozens of messages from Saint-Etienne asking him to take over the club! “Problem: Alexandre Bompard (48 years old) is the current CEO of the Carrefour group …” When you run a group like Carrefour, it’s 400 or 450,000 employees worldwide, that’s 100 billion turnover. business is colossal, explains his father. He is one of the people solicited from all sides. But it’s in the back of his mind! It exists ! He spent the best years of his life with me in Saint-Etienne! What we experienced father and son, together, with three such exceptional partners, it was great. We experienced something magical! ”

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