Herzegovina – France: the match notes

Herzegovina – France: the match notes
Herzegovina – France: the match notes

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A poor performance against Ukraine, a timid reaction in Kazakhstan. Before the return of the championships and the end of this international break in March, the French team had an appointment with Bosnia and Herzegovina this Wednesday evening for their third qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup. In the lead with four points , the Blues had to win to remain leader of group D and especially to build up confidence before the Euro this summer. Didier Deschamps aligned a 4-4-2 on paper with the Griezmann-Mbappé duo in front and Pogba in the midfield. Opposite, Slaven Musa started with a 4-2-3-1 with players like Dzeko, Pjanic or Kolasinac in the starting XI.

Faced with a well-organized team, the Blues were looking for the fault in depth. Pogba’s opening towards Mbappé was magnificent but a non-existent offside was signaled and the PSG player stumbled on Sehic (3rd). A small alert for the locals who did not tremble and offered a nice opposition. But the first opportunities were French and Coman saw his header being captured in two stages by the opposing goalkeeper (15th). Pjanic and his teammates held on and even got themselves the biggest opportunity in the first act. On a corner taken by the Barcelonan, Ahmedhodzic placed his head and Lloris went all out to get the ball out (27th).

Griezmann draws again

The end of the first act was not very interesting, even if the players of Didier Deschamps pushed, in vain. So we had to do a lot better when we got back from the locker room to leave with the three points. A second period that started at a slow pace but the Blues finally struck on time. Interesting tonight, Rabiot took his time and centered towards Griezmann who, with a header, opened the scoring (60th, 0- 1). Another important goal for the number 7 after the one scored against Ukraine. With this goal in advance, Didier Deschamps did not really bring new blood, even if Giroud had replaced Coman just before (59th).

In management, the reigning world champions were sometimes afraid with a few faults in front of their surface but the locals did not take the opportunity to equalize. The Bosnian changes did not bring much and Varane remained solid in the area (89th). Finally, Didier Deschamps made a new change by launching Sissoko in place of Lemar, author of a very good match (90th). The score did not change and the France team won 1-0 thanks to a realization of Griezmann. With this success, the Blues kept the lead of their hen. See you now in a few weeks for the Euro.

Man of the match, Lloris (7.5): become the second most capped player in the history of the Blues tonight in Bosnia, tied with Thierry Henry (Lilian Thuram is first, editor’s note), the French captain responded, even more than that. Not worried early in the game, the Tottenham goalkeeper pulled out all the stops on a floating strike (24th), before a huge parade on a whim (26th). Two strikes, two on target for Bosnia and therefore two saves from Lloris. A successful match.

Bosnia and herzegovina

  • Sehic (5) : the goalkeeper of Konyaspor will have had almost nothing to do in this meeting. He will have spent a fairly quiet evening. Only one parade in the first half (15th). He could not do anything on the head of Antoine Griezmann for the opener (60th). Nothing else to eat, a little frustrating.
  • Todorovic (4) : at halftime, Todorovic expected to have a quiet evening. He had rather well blocked his right lane, but the repositioning of Kylian Mbappé in his lane hurt him a lot in the second half. It exploded in mid-flight. A dubious marking, always late, it is at fault on the only goal of the Blues. Replaced by Stevanovic to the 77e.
  • Hadzikadunic (4.5): of the three central, the 22-year-old appeared to be the most comfortable. Rather consistent with the ball, he tried to defend cleanly on Griezmann and Mbappé while trying not to miss his raises. He could have opened the scoring with a nice header without the parade of Lloris (25th). A game far from bad.
  • Ahmedhodzic (4): positioned in the axis of the three-way defense, Ahmedhodzic struggled when the Blues played in small spaces. Rather slow, he suffered in the face of Mbappé’s speed. It was he who was behind the marking of Griezmann for the opening of the scoring (60th).
  • Sanicanin (4): he was lucky to see Kolasinac preventing all adversaries from reaching him. When the Schalke 04 player eased off, Sanicanin was more exposed and he often showed clumsiness like his dangerous tackle on Pavard (52nd). Far from being very reassuring.
  • Kolasinac (5): on his left lane, the former Arsenal player was able to manage the speed and percussion of Kinglsey Coman. He did not appear to be in trouble or in pain. We even saw him bring some rather interesting offensive solutions (31st, 55th). A very decent match.
  • Hadziahmetovic (4,5) : the young player from Konyaspor had this role of sentry when Pjanic played a notch higher. He took care of the first raise and constantly tried to play forward without losing the ball. He began to suffer when his team left more space and when he had to follow the races of Mbappé and others.
  • Cimirot (4) : the Standard de Liège midfielder has been chasing the ball a lot tonight. He tried as best he could not to leave too much space for Rabiot and Pogba. He also supported Kolasinac on the left lane. This is what his coach expected. Replaced at the 86e by Gojak.
  • Pjanic (4): Positioned in a number 10 role, Miralem Pjanic was logically the Bosnian who touched the most balls tonight. He was the custodian of his team’s game but above all he lacked precision with a few failed checks. We felt that his lack of playing time at Barça hurt him tonight. He passed away as the match progressed.
  • Dzeko (5,5) : despite his complicated season on the side of AS Roma, Edin Dzeko appeared as the number one threat tonight for the Blues. And the 35-year-old striker has shown some very interesting things tonight. Physically already, he posed some problems to Kimpembe in particular, even if the Parisian sometimes answered. He was very available on the front of the attack but he declined a little in the second half. He remained a threat the entire meeting.
  • Krunic (4,5) : alongside Edin Dzeko, the AC Milan striker has offered a lot. He did not hesitate to drop out to combine with his teammates. Rather complementary to his teammate on the attack front. He did not really have the opportunity to be dangerous even if he could have obtained a penalty (72nd). Replaced by Prevljak to the 87e.


  • Lloris (7.5): see above
  • Surname (4): used to playing high to bring more offensively, the Bayern Munich side did not play the same game at all. A time below technically, the former Lille has struggled to get into it, he who has too often been caught in his hallway. It is besides in this one that most of the opposing actions happened. However, his second period was much better with an important comeback (55th) and well-placed crosses.
  • Early (5): always present in central hinge, the defender of Real Madrid did not have a lot of work. In attack, the premises went through the corridors a lot but he was able to be important in cover, with in particular an excellent return (24th). Warned in the second half (51st), the former Lensois had to anticipate a little more, which he was able to do overall.
  • Kimpembe (5,5): again alongside Varane, the Parisian defender knows how to keep his place in the central hinge. Little in sight in a not very exciting match, the number 3 did a shadow job with some interventions far from his goal but very valuable, especially on Dzeko. In the aerial game, he also brought a plus. But difficult to say that his performance was great in view of the physiognomy.
  • Hernandez (4) : every game is different. After his good performance against Ukraine, the side of Bayern Munich did less well tonight, the fault of the opposing work. Above all, with an interesting Lemar in front of him, we saw him less offensively and his crosses were not very good.
  • Coman (4.5): very moving against Ukraine, and came into play at the end of the match on Sunday, the Bayern winger was expected this evening, but he did not have the same performance. Even if he was active and stalled a lot and played in the axis, the former Bianconero was imprecise in front of goal with a crushed strike (11th) and a header on target but not powerful enough (15th). Replaced by Giroud (59th). Placed at the forefront of the attack, the Chelsea player did not have much of the ball and saw his attempt being blocked at the end of the game.
  • Pogba (4.5): in the absence of N’Golo Kanté, “La Pioche” accompanied Rabiot in the midfield in Bosnia. Expected, the Manchester United player ran a lot, we saw it, but it was not enough. He sometimes lacked precision in his transmissions and could clearly have done better, he who was warned (79th). And with Rabiot next to him, it was complicated in the creation.
  • Rabiot (6): back in the starting XI, the Juventus player did good to the Blues. Omnipresent in the midfield, he was able to achieve big returns (7th, 22nd), and was important until the end. Never out of his match, the former element of PSG concluded his good performance with an assist for Griezmann on a good center (60th). Bodes well a few months away from the Euro.
  • Lemar (6) : preferred to Dembélé for this meeting, the winger of Atlético de Madrid scored a few points. Spinning around, especially at the start of the game, the former Monegasque brought speed and technical quality in the first half. He especially, like Coman, moved a lot to provide solutions in the axis and create the game. A big activity which suggests good things for the future. Replaced by Sissoko in the last moments (90e).
  • Griezmann (6,5) : Already the author of a decisive goal last Wednesday at the Stade de France, the Barça player put it back with a more than important header on a service from Rabiot (60th). Apart from that, “Grizou” has moved a lot to disturb his opponents, but above all he has increased his efforts to help his teammates in defense, especially in the first act with two decisive returns. (21st, 29th).
  • Mbappé (4,5): after a completely failed match against Ukraine and a timid entry into Kazakhstan, the number 10 tricolor did a little better in Bosnia. Sharper and livelier on the lawn, the native of Bondy could have scored quickly if a non-existent offside had not been reported (3rd). He stayed in his game in the first half with some interesting ball catches. Unfortunately, his second act was not very good with too many bad choices and a bit of individualism.

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