Didier Deschamps (Bleus), after the victory in Bosnia-Herzegovina: “The main thing is this result”

“What conclusion do you draw from these first three qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup?
This victory in Bosnia is particularly important. In three matches, we made seven points. The other results of our group are also favorable. We close this parenthesis of the playoffs. September will be busy again.

Does this victory in Bosnia allow you to switch to the Euro and its preparation?
The main thing is this result. In the content, we are able to do better. Our start to the match was difficult. It was better at the end of the first period then on the restart in the second half. Bosnia did not do against Finland (2-2) what she did against us. We see that against France, it is not the same.

The sequences were difficult. This is all factual. You have to take into all that, the long trips, the time differences and the playing conditions. Look at the other results in the different groups. Afterwards, the Euro will be another competition. The schedule will also be complicated. But it will be necessary to follow up.

“If there is really a possibility of being more numerous at the Euro, it will be a good development”

UEFA is in the process of expanding the list from 23 to 25 or 26 players for the Euro …
It would be a good thing with the current sanitary conditions. But all the extra players should have the opportunity to be on the scoresheet. There, we did five tests during this gathering. No one has been positive. This is a good thing. But if there is really a possibility of being more numerous at Euro, that will be a good development.

What motivated your choice to start Thomas Lemar and did he meet your expectations after his average match in Kazakhstan?
Thomas was very fit and mobile. He was in good condition. He did well in the two matches. He brought a technical touch on both sides.

What does this eighth away win in a row mean to you?
We are continuing this positive series. It’s not easy to win on the go. It proves our competitiveness. The players have this merit. It must be prolonged as much as possible. “


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