Formula 1 | Red Bull was ‘too euphoric’ after qualifying

Dr Helmut Marko does not think Max Verstappen made a mistake by letting Lewis Hamilton take him back in the lead and thus slip away the victory in Bahrain last weekend.

Bahrain GP commissioner Emanuele Pirro revealed this week that the “maximum” penalty the FIA ​​could have given the Dutchman was five seconds. And that Michael Masi’s instructions are not orders but suggestions (not to be taken lightly, however)!

For Marko, it was not necessary to play with fire.

“Max said he could have easily made up for the five-second penalty by slipping past the front. But then I’m sure they would have given him a 10-second penalty,” he said.

However, this Bahraini race leaves good impressions for Marko, who admitted that after qualifying he had “finally regained that old feeling that we can run for the world championship”.

“It was a great relief. But maybe it made us too euphoric before the race.”

Indeed, Sergio Perez had a technical problem at the start, Verstappen struggled with a differential problem, and Marko believes that Red Bull “did not react correctly” in the face of cooler temperatures.

“Finally, there was Max’s unfortunate passing maneuver. We have to learn from those mistakes. Like I said, if you want to beat Mercedes, you can’t go wrong. Because we have to admit that Hamilton has had a flawless race. “

Paul Monaghan, chief engineer of Red Bull, mentioned some developments to come, perhaps from Imola.

“In Imola we will have more or less the car we had in Bahrain. The first major development will take place in the third race in Portugal,” says Marko to conclude.


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