Sometimes “aggressive for nothing”, Quartararo wants to win gently

Sometimes “aggressive for nothing”, Quartararo wants to win gently
Sometimes “aggressive for nothing”, Quartararo wants to win gently
Fabio Quartararo Even though he experienced a drop in performance on Sunday that would have enough to frustrate him, he managed to limit the damage better than last year in comparable situations and displays a new serenity. Without being overwhelmed by his emotions, the French rider quickly established an action plan to bounce back this week, while MotoGP continues with a second Grand Prix on the same track and in comparable conditions.

“It was a difficult race, because I had a very good pace, but as soon as I passed Jack [Miller] I immediately felt the drop of the rear tire “, explains the Yamaha rider, who took third place by overtaking the Australian on the sixth lap. “I decided to slow down my pace a bit, but automatically my rear tire was spinning a lot. I think that’s great anyway, because last year in this situation I would have lost a lot of positions. found a different way of trying to have really good times, braking really hard. “

“It was tough. The exit from Turn 6 was one of the worst places”, underlines Quartararo, who nevertheless sees the positive side of things: “That’s good, because we have the data from who won last week. We saw some places where I was a bit aggressive for nothing. So I’m going to try to be a little softer this week. -end and I think that will help a lot. “

Thanks to the victory while mastering his teammate Maverick Viñales, the Frenchman hopes to find solutions to experiment with this week. “I think we have some things to try this weekend. Last week we made too many changes that I wasn’t very happy with,” he indicates. “So I’m going to keep the same base this weekend and just change some things. I think if we start [avec la même base] and then we make a change, we will see if it brings an improvement or not, even if the conditions are different. However, we are not going to make big changes. So we will surely feel it a little, and if we don’t feel anything we will keep the bike from the race. “

If the Yamaha undergoes the power of the Ducati on this track, it succeeded last weekend in firmly opposing it its agility and its ease in the most technical portions. For Fabio Quartararo, this does not only concern the entry and the middle of the turn, but also his way of getting out of it, the M1 making its traction its strong point when the Ducati does not have enough room to deploy its acceleration.

“When I passed Jack at turn 15 [le dernier de la piste, ndlr], he had trouble getting me back in the first corner “, describes Quartararo. “There are several corners here where there are not a lot of meters to accelerate, and I think that helps us to attack: from turn 5 to 6 or from turn 9 to 10, it’s very short, and I think that’s the kind of corner where our bike is very strong and where you can attack. Doing it between turns 3 and 4 is a lot more difficult because you are a lot more on the road. acceleration. In any case, I feel very good, I manage to deliver strong attacks. “

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