the 2nd Google Nest Hub in Switzerland on May 4 for 100 francs!

the 2nd Google Nest Hub in Switzerland on May 4 for 100 francs!
the 2nd Google Nest Hub in Switzerland on May 4 for 100 francs!
Google Nest Hub 2nd generation.

Google has largely tried to create a buzz about the arrival of its latest Nest Hub in Switzerland, already mentioned in this column. The new generation of the Nest Hub will be available from May 4 on the Google Store in Chalk and Charcoal colors for 99.99 francs… The highlight? An integrated radar for better sleep!

This second Nest Hub indeed benefits from an integrated radar, that is to say the Soli chip. This device makes it possible to analyze sleep and provide, if necessary, advice to improve rest, as already mentioned in this column and recalled by the world’s leading search engine.

2nd generation Nest Hub: the importance of sleep …

“We know that people are turning to Google for wellness information and tools to help them lead healthier lives, and in particular we’ve noticed that an increasing number of their questions are about sleep. , exercise and health, ”according to Ashton Udall, Google Nest manager.

“We have therefore decided to integrate solutions in our 2nd generation Nest Hub, while improving the functionalities already appreciated by users”, continues the employee of the American giant. If the use of this chip may cause a sensation among technophiles, we can also imagine that a more “suspicious” population wonders about the presence of this radar in the bedroom …

The classics and the new functions of Google …

This radar chip, like on the Pixel 5, allows thanks to the new gesture control activated by Motion Sense, to control music and videos without touching the screen. A feature that can come in handy in a noisy kitchen, for example, when you are preparing a meal. Probably more relevant than on a smartphone.

In a more conventional way, this new Nest Hub incorporates the features of the previous version, but better. According to Google, it will now be able to convince better thanks to its many improvements such as the addition of a third microphone for better hands-free use or its 50% more bass compared to the first generation …

Xavier Studer

More info in this blog post from Google
10 Things to Know about Nest Hub Second-Gen_EMEA


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