YouTube moderates its videos better and proves it to us

                            Often criticized for its moderation considered too lax, YouTube seeks to prove to us that its efforts in this area have paid off thanks to a new indicator, the “incorrect views rate”.                         

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With the freedom allowed by social platforms, certain shocking content sometimes falls through the cracks of moderation. YouTube, in particular, has long been singled out for taking a little too long before removing content deemed problematic. The online video giant seems to have learned some lessons, and today explains how it has improved to find more quickly content that breaks its rules.

The “incorrect view rate”, a new indicator to prove its efforts

To do this, YouTube presents a new indicator, called “Incorrect view rate”, or TVI. Already used by its moderators, it will now be publicly displayed to users. The “Incorrect view rate” is currently between 0.16% and 0.18%. Concretely, this means that only 16 to 18 views out of 10,000 are counted on videos that violate YouTube rules. According to the platform, this would represent a decrease of 70% compared to 2017. By managing to further reduce this figure, YouTube hopes to be transparent and demonstrate concretely that its efforts in terms of moderation are paying off.

“Other measurement tools, like the time it takes to remove a video that violates the rules, is also very important. However, they do not fully reflect the real impact of non-compliant content on viewers. For example, we can compare non-compliant content that stays on the platform for more than 24 hours, but only saves 100 views to a video that generates thousands of views in a few hours before being deleted. At the end of the day, which video has the most impact? We are convinced that TVI is the best way to understand the impact of dangerous content on viewers and to identify areas that we can improve ” YouTube explains in a statement. Currently, the platform explains that 75% of content deemed problematic is removed before reaching 10 views.



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