Thomas Pesquet: this crazy project that he would like to realize soon

On April 22, Thomas Pesquet will leave for a second mission in the ISS. And the astronaut is teeming with projects … and crazy dreams that he intends to realize.

His second mission in the ISS, but his first as a commander. On April 22, Thomas Pesquet will leave for a new journey to the international space station which will last six months. “The second time, we are more circumspect, we have the experience in fact. We know that it will be difficult, what will be important and what is less important. We prepare in a reasoned way. We are always motivated. but it’s like going on a trip again, once you’ve already done it (…) it’s not the same process “, he confided on BFM Story. And if the astronaut is very impatient to join the ISS, he is already longing for the rest. Thomas Pesquet now has a somewhat crazy project: to go to the Moon. “My class of astronauts is the first that was not born at the time of the Apollo moon landing”, he says in the columns of Paris Match.

“The Moon is not something that we do over again. It is a new destination where we want to go in a sustainable way, to settle there, to make it a scientific base, to use the resources on site, continues Thomas Pesquet, inevitably fascinated by the Earth satellite. To make fuel, liquid water. “ At the moment, several countries are busy creating a “station orbiting the moon”, who “will be a kind of gas station for refueling”, called Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. “It’s time to use our experience in the ISS, both technical and human, to look to the moon, continues the astronaut. The next generation will follow in our footsteps. After all, she might be the one who will go to Mars. ”

Thomas Pesquet: “The experience is not bad either”

And he would very much like to be one of the privileged who will be able to climb aboard this space service station. “There are three places for Europeans by 2025-2030, and other colleagues are also very competent. We have the right age, the experience. So anything is possible, he assures Paris Match. But if I am asked for my opinion, I volunteer. For sure.” A few days before his big departure, the astronaut is enjoying his last moments on Earth. “The second time around, however, we know exactly when it’s going to be scary and where it’s going to hurt. So, we’re moving towards the launch date with less recklessness, affirms Thomas Pesquet to our colleagues. But the experience is not bad either … (…) In the end, I am more serene and I try to give my opinion more. “

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2/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He will be in part commander

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3/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
His journey will last six months

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4/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
This is his second trip to the ISS

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Thomas Pesquet
The astronaut is very impatient

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6/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He does not have the same state of mind as for his first time


7/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He dreams of a crazy project

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8/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He hopes to be one of the lucky ones

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9/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He plans to go to the moon


10/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He can’t wait to go back to space

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11/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
The astronaut will take off on April 22

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12/12 –

Thomas Pesquet
He will take command of the ISS


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