Intel Promotes ‘World’s Best Processor’ Using MacBook Pro

Intel recently promoted its powerful new processor, but it looks like the US giant didn’t pick the best photo for its ad. Indeed, the image features a man using an Apple MacBook Pro.

The slogan of the advertisement is ” The world’s best processor in a thin and light laptop. “. It aims to promote the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor.
Intel uses the imagine of a MacBook Pro – Credit: Reddit

In recent weeks, Intel has waged an aggressive marketing campaign against Apple computers, positioning them as inferior to Windows laptops with Intel processors.

Intel had also unveiled a series of carefully designed and not very objective benchmarks. These were meant to prove that Intel’s 11th generation processors are better than M1 chips. However, it seems that all tests were designed to favor its own chips.

Intel does not use its own photos

Users have managed to locate the original image, which is available in the Getty Images paid image bank. It is captioned ” man playing video game on laptop. “. This clearly shows that the laptop is an Apple MacBook Pro accompanied by a Magic Mouse. It is therefore not a Windows PC, which could have used the i7-1185G7 chip.

For its publicity, Intel reportedly tried to remove the Apple logo from the back of the computer, but forgot other important elements. Indeed, Internet users have observed thatit was still very easy to identify the computer, since we can always see the presence of the Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard. We also see the connections of the MacBook Pro as well as the layout of their keyboard. We can legitimately ask ourselves why Intel didn’t use an image of a computer with their new processor to promote it.

It will take a more powerful chip than the Intel Core i7-1185G7 to hope to outrun Apple’s new powerful chip. As you will be able to discover in our MacBook Pro M1 test, this one is very efficient, while being very energy efficient. Apple should also soon unveil an even more impressive new generation.

Source : Reddit


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