LinkedIn: Microsoft also lost 500 million user data records

According to a CyberNews report, 2 million data records from Microsoft’s corporate network LinkedIn were made available in a relevant underground forum. According to the suppliers, the collection is only a sample. So the actual selling offering behind it consists of around 500 million data records of the same size. The information contained here includes user names, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace data, and more. For a four-figure sum that should be paid in Bitcoin, interested parties can gain full access to data collection as per the offer. Tests have shown that the data comes from LinkedIn, but it’s unclear how up-to-date the data is.However, depending on the needs of a buyer, this is also irrelevant. For most users, phone numbers change very rarely, and email addresses and jobs often stay the same for many years. The information contained could still be used on a larger scale, for example to trigger new cases of identity theft. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has commented on the incident. According to this, the collection consists exclusively of information that, in principle, any person registered on the network can obtain. In some cases, additional data has been added from other websites. The Microsoft subsidiary pointed out that the automatic collection of this information from user profiles violated the terms of service.


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