End clap for Yahoo Answers

Yahoo’s Q&A forum will close on May 4 after more than 16 years of existence. It will have welcomed all questions from Internet users, from the most serious to the most wacky. Like his answers. The data will be permanently deleted on June 30.

“Is there a spell to become a really walking mermaid?” “ “If I eat myself, will I get twice as big or will I disappear entirely?” “” Will my computer be heavier if I put more files on it? ” Since 2005, Internet users have found the answers to these questions on a dedicated site. This era is about to come to an end.

Yahoo Answers, the Internet’s largest question-and-answer forum since 2005, will cease operations on May 4, Yahoo announced on its site on April 5, 2021.

Until June 30 to recover your data

From this date, users will be redirected to the home page. Yahoo Answers no longer knew the traffic of yesteryear faced with users who turned to competitors like Reddit or Quora.

It will no longer be possible to ask questions from April 20. As for the archives, Yahoo allows them to be recovered if the request takes place before June 30, when the data will be permanently deleted.


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