Why do you need to bring out your Tank Must de Cartier watch?

It is the watch that has been the subject of much ink since its launch in 1977. A vermeil variation of the Tank, more accessible, the charm of which the house is now revisiting with three new Tank Must in electric steel. All of this at a reasonable price.

There is no need to present the Must Tank watch from Cartier as its success has been resounding in France and in the rest of the world. It is also not uncommon to find one of these models easy chic, launched in 1977, sleeping at the bottom of a jewelry box. And yet, one must imagine the gamble represented at the time by the idea of ​​launching a Cartier watch in vermeil accessible to a larger public, when the trend remained for gold or platinum. A stroke of genius and a daring stroke of brilliance that we owe then to Alain-Dominique Perrin, President of Cartier from 1975 to 1998. With the Musts, he puts the vocabulary and DNA of the Maison du 13 into orbit. Peace with a shower of lighters, pens and watches that are at the top of the wish list. In preparing to relaunch the Tank watch at the forefront of its 2021 watchmaking vintage, Cartier could not ignore this chapter of the success-story House.

Chic essential

Tank Must watch, quartz movement, steel case, red lacquered dial, red alligator leather strap, Cartier, € 2,740. Available in June on Cartier.fr

Cartier / Photo press

The Tank Must is therefore reborn from its ashes this season. Exit vermeil, here it is cut in steel and available in a deep blue, an electric green and a wine red with Parisian brilliance, which can also be read as a nod to the success of the Tank Must. red from the 80s. A charming trio officially launched in June around 2,000 euros, and which will undoubtedly seduce this local clientele in the viewfinder of the house in this year 2021, dedicated to its essential icons.

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