After the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Samsung would like to launch foldable tablets over 7 “

A new patent shows that Samsung wants foldable tablets with a screen size larger than the 7 ″ of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The category should differ on several points compared to current foldable smartphones: no external screen or photo at the rear, and sensors placed under the screen, potentially with up to two notches.

Galaxy Fold Samsung

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The concept of current foldable smartphones is to allow you to take a device with a footprint similar to that of a smartphone when folded and the XXL screen of a tablet when unfolded. However, the problem is that if we overlook the many sustainability concerns, the first foldable smartphones, especially those from Samsung, do not finally ship a screen so big as that.

However, it could soon be that the manufacturer differentiates foldable “smartphones” from foldable “tablets”, precisely to look for larger screen sizes. In a patent recently granted by the US Patents Office (USPTO) Samsung seems, hollow, to describe the fundamentals of the category. So, Unlike foldable smartphones, foldable tablets should bet everything on their extra large screen.

Samsung describes the future category of foldable tablets in a patent

Samsung foldable tablet

Samsung foldable tablet

Crédits : Let’s Go Digital

According to the documents as well as the renderings concocted by the Let’s Go Digital site, a priori there will be no smartphone mode, and therefore no external screen unlike the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. The sketches of the patent also do not show a photo sensor on the back of the smartphone – which does not mean that in the end Samsung will not make the decision to put photo sensors there anyway, as this functionality seems essential. .

The sensors and LED flash could thus be practically all integrated in a rather fine notch above the screen. We also note that Samsung provides for up to two notches, one above and below the screen. Stereo speakers are implemented on the edge, on either side of the hinge. There are also two USB-C ports so that one can charge the device in portrait or landscape mode.

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Of course, at this point, all of these design elements can change, but it broadly shows what to expect for future foldable Samsung tablets: a product more differentiated from smartphones, less capable for calls and truly smartphone use – and more suited to viewing content. .

Source : Let’s Go Digital


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