A cheating network dismantled in China

Thu 08 April 2021

It is a scourge today, especially for video games which offer an online mode, players are more and more confronted with players who cheat and who in addition to that is hiding less and less !

In China, the authorities have reportedly stopped the activities of a company that offered cheating software. The raid led to the arrest of 10 people and the seizure of $ 46 million in property, including many luxury cars. Guys were selling a program ranging from $ 10 to $ 200 a month to cheat. We hope that it will calm everyone down a bit, we do not yet know the penalties but you should know that cheating in a video game is punishable by 5 years of imprisonment, we are not kidding with that !

Level solution a lot of games have been equipped with anti cheat sometimes it works well, sometimes it is a failure. Often put on the front of the stage the battle royal Warzone ! We see more and more YouTubers uploading videos or they find themselves facing cheaters. It’s a real ordeal. On the console side, for example, we have Sony who decided to join forces with Denuvo to strengthen anti-security–ps5 cheat. Unfortunately, as in all environments, cheating modes advance as quickly and sometimes faster than those who counter them.


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