what are these rumors of new cities?

what are these rumors of new cities?
what are these rumors of new cities?
Internet users have reportedly unveiled information about the next GTA VI from developer Rocktsar Game. Be careful, none of these leaks have been confirmed.

Expected in the spring of 2022, the iconic video game from the American developer Rockstar Games continues to be talked about. Indeed, according to rumors, GTA VI could offer a gigantic map allowing movement in nearly 6 cities. And that’s not all. In this map, players could find Liberty City, the flagship playground of GTA IV, very largely inspired by New York. The leaks also predict that the 6th city present will be detached from the others. To occupy this new place, several cities are imagined: Vice city (Miami), Los Santos (Los Angeles) and Sans Fierro (San Francisco). According to some, we could even find Las Vegas among the map of GTA VI.

GTA VI: Reddit users at the origin of the leaks

But, you can imagine, none of these rumors have been confirmed by Rockstar Games. Tom Henderson, a source known for his information on the saga, indicated that almost all of the rumors concerning GTA VI were false. In reality, these are simple Internet users who have launched lists of information about the game via the community website Reddit. Due to the concordance of information among users, rumors were immediately taken seriously.

Among the information given, here is what we could see coming back most often: the development of the game would have started in 2012; a new fictitious place in Rio de Janeiro would have been added; it would take place in the years 1970 – 1980; and lots of other information to take with a grain of salt. One thing is certain, the long-awaited game should make its return in the spring of 2022. So until then, stay tuned. Many speculations are likely to emerge.

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