The XCloud service is approaching on iOS

The XCloud service is approaching on iOS
The XCloud service is approaching on iOS
Microsoft continues to make its way in cloud gaming with its XCloud service. After a long beta phase in 2019, it is officially launched in September 2020 for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The Redmond company keeps its promises with a functional, fluid support, compatible with Xbox controllers and offering an already substantial game catalog.

Available only on Android, Microsoft has promised an arrival of the service on PC and iOS from 2021. According to a tweet from Phil Spencer, it should not be too late.

XCloud on iOS “soon”

To all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate registrants who are wondering if they will soon be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of their membership, the answer is: yes.

A very short tweet of only a three-letter word, but that’s enough to give fans a lot of hope. And this tweet is from Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox.

To contextualize it all, Phil Spencer shared a Walmart article last week promoting the XCloud. One internet user asked if the service will be coming to iOS anytime soon. A question to which Phil Spencer simply answered with “yes”. This therefore suggests that an announcement is imminent.

In February, a first leak had already made it possible to discover an XCloud interface on PC and iOS. Since December 2020, Microsoft has said that its cloud gaming service is soon ready to migrate to new platforms. If all goes well, this launch is planned for this year. Last week, the first 16 backward compatible games arrived on the catalog. Microsoft therefore seems to be preparing the ground for an upcoming announcement and a launch in stride.

In June 2019, during E3 in Los Angeles, Presse-citron had the opportunity to preview the XCloud. A first approach that we found satisfactory and promising so play our favorite games anywhere. Last year, we were able to see the final version of the project when it launched. The experience was always so pleasant. All that remains is to wait to see the service evolve further and open up to more players.

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