few changes for the next iPad mini and iPad Pro

New dimensions: new models. The manufacturers of accessories are preparing for the innovations of Apple and developing more or less elaborate dummy models to test the compatibility of their products upstream of the marketing. The two pictures below are shared with us by

, which claims these are mockups used for future revisions of the iPad mini and iPad Pros. As you can see from both photos, there isn’t much change from the current lineup. Both iPad Pros appear virtually identical to the 2020 models, with the one-millimeter reduction in the margins around the screen hardly visible. For the iPad mini 6, there is a rectangular screen and a home button with Touch ID, as on the iPad mini 5 today: this is not the revolution that we could have hoped for with a screen edge-to-edge and Face ID. Sonny Dickson mentions a greater thickness, but does not give the dimensions of the device (which would have a larger screen).

Leaks of this type are usually quite reliable, with prop designers going out of their way to obtain industry drawings of Apple’s products in advance. Regarding the release date, it is quite uncertain: the rumors we have so far expect a launch in the spring, but Apple would encounter production problems because of the shortage of components that has affected the entire industry for some recent years. months and the launch could be postponed. To be continued !

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