an update soon, to correct an overheating issue

Available for a few weeks now, the new OnePlus 9 smartphones are an undeniable success, despite a particularly high price. Smartphones with impeccable technical data, with a photo section certified by Hasselblad… but smartphones that also tend to overheat.

OnePlus 9 Pro 128 GB at the best price Base price: 919 €

A known overheating, and soon corrected by OnePlus

Indeed, various owners of OnePlus 9 Pro have reported on the brand’s official forums heating concerns with their terminal. Concretely, some smartphones would tend to display a warning message on the screen, indicating that the device has overheated too much. This would usually show up when the photo app is running.

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While it is not uncommon to feel your smartphone heat up when using the photo and / or video functions for a long time, on the OnePlus 9 Pro, the problem would appear even during very light use. In some cases, the overheating is such that the smartphone temporarily prevents capturing any photo or video, to allow the smartphone to cool down.

On the design side, like the new Xbox Series X and PS5, the OnePlus 9 Pro has been designed to best dissipate the heat caused in particular by recharging. However, it seems that the above-mentioned concern is of a software nature, and OnePlus has already confirmed that an update will soon correct the problem.

At Presse-citron, during our complete tests of the new OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, we did not encounter the slightest particular problem in terms of heating. And that, including when we put a strain on the photo / video section of smartphones.

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