From Samsung to Apple, semiconductor shortage spreads to tech giants

So far spared, Apple is not immune to the global shortage of electronic chips. According to the Japanese daily “Nikkei”, the Californian company, whose supply chain is considered to be one of the best in the world, could not help but shift part of its production from the first to the second half of this year. production of MacBook laptops and iPad touch pads.

In detail, Apple has fallen behind in the assembly of the printed circuits of its computers. For its iPads, the apple brand lacks screens. According to two anonymous sources of the Japanese newspaper, the iPhone is not concerned, but the supply for certain components of the flagship product of the group would be at the limit of rupture.

Preferential treatment

For Apple, which declined to comment, but also to a greater extent for all the electronics giants, it is the end of an exception. As chip factories struggle to keep up with increased demand for semiconductors, the preferential treatment given to Apple, Samsung, HP and their rivals had kept them away from the problems.

Strengthened by their positions as the largest customers of electronic chip factories, they were served first and had until then avoided the setbacks of the automotive industry – forced to shut down assembly lines for lack of sensors and microcontrollers – home appliance manufacturers and video game console manufacturers.

The delayed marketing in October 2020 of Apple’s latest iPhone was indeed not due to the shortage of chips but rather to the sanitary conditions deemed unfavorable for such a launch.

A “serious imbalance”

But the shortage appears to be worsening as demand for microchips does not abate. In mid-March, the world’s number one smartphone in recent years, Samsung, suggested that the “ serious imbalance Which affects the semiconductor industry could force it to postpone until later in the year the marketing of a new Galaxy Note, its high-end model traditionally put on sale in August.

So far reassuring, Foxconn indicated at the end of March that he now expected to see the shortage of components worsen. ” In the first two months of the first trimester, the impact [de la pénurie] was not so palpable but we are seeing that gradually changing “, Recognized Young Liu, president of the main assembler of Apple products, but also of other tech brands, during a conference with financial analysts. Or how components, some of which cost as little as a dollar a unit, can bother the world’s top-valued companies.

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