Advent Children 4K Ultra HD, the famous movie version game

Sortie Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

Open preorders for Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children 4K Ultra HD, which takes place two years after Cloud and the Avalanche group won over Sephiroth. A film by Tetsuya Nomura for the Square Enix studio.

Synthetic image continuation of the game Final Fantasy VII released directly on video in France in 2005, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children returns to the mysterious evil which decimates the megalopolis of Midgar, previously quite damaged by a meteor fall. Named Star Scar Syndrome, this bizarre evil will be a game-changer for Cloud, Tifa and the others as they attempt to resist Kadaj’s gang whose dark design is simply to resurrect the infernal Sephiroth, the one by whom chaos has arrived.

A tribute film of great plastic beauty which multiplies the nods to the famous eponymous game and should amaze more than a nostalgic gamer in 4K Ultra HD. French release at SPHE on June 16 (pre-order here).


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