Apex Legends: 5 special modes and exclusive skins will rock the Battle Royale with the War Games event

One month after his arrival on Switch, 2 months after the start of his Season 8, Apex Legends should not be long in telling us about his Season 9. And according to possible leaks, she would add the news Legend Brisk and his companion Titan. Before that, Respawn Entertainment foresees us several hectic weeks with the collection event War games.

In the program, modifiers of playlist that will only last a few days and change over and over, to offer new variations of our favorite games. The 5 temporary modes are detailed below, and will be accompanied by cosmetic items to unlock like the skins epic Rampart and the Repeater 30-30, 5 additional levels for the Combat Pass and skins to buy in the store for Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Mirage and Bloodhound.

  • Second chance (from Tuesday 04/13 to Thursday 04/15) : The event will kick off with a bang with a modifier allowing each Legend to get one free respawn per game. When a Legend is slain, its respawn token is consumed and it begins again in the same location, retaining all of its weapons and equipment. After a short time, the player reappears in the sky to once again dive into the heart of the action.
  • Ultrazones (from Thursday 04/15 to Monday 04/19) : Ultrazones introduce the concept of multiple hot zones on a single map, with more epic loot for more gold items! Each hot zone is surrounded by a point of ignition which is a huge radiating bubble that restores your health and shields when you are inside. In this mode, consumable items are available as usual in the standard loot selection.
  • Auto-banners (from Monday 19/04 to Wednesday 21/04) : Discover a minimal modification that will spice up the reanimation of your squad members: the banner cards of your teammates are automatically collected! No need to dig into their frag crate to find it, just go straight to a respawn beacon. The loot has also been revised accordingly to offer more mobile spawn beacons.
  • Kill time (from Wednesday 21/04 to Friday 23/04) : This modifier speeds up the game for each Legend killed. During the round, each time a Legend dies, the remaining time decreases. If the round in question is carnage, you can be sure the ring will close quickly, so keep an eye on the clock!
  • Armor regeneration (from Friday 23/04 to Tuesday 27/04) : The War Games event will end with Armor Regeneration mode, in which your armor will gradually regenerate at a rate of 12 points per second. When you take damage, your armor will begin to regenerate after an 8 second delay. This delay increases to 16 seconds if your armor is cracked.

Apex Legends 08 04 2021 War Games 2 Apex Legends 08 04 2021 War Games 3 Apex Legends 08 04 2021 War Games 4

For even more aesthetic bonuses, you can buy Apex Legends : Édition Bloodhound for € 14.99 on Amazon.fr.

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