With the Radioplayer broadcast app, stations are aligned on the same wavelength

Launched this Thursday, the French platform allows you to listen to more than 200 stations, public and private, not to mention webradios and podcasts. A small digital revolution, which sees players in the sector coming together to adapt to new uses.

There was a false start in 2014: five radio groups, public and private, then tried to join forces to launch Direct Radio, a common application, but without fizzling out. “Since then, we have changed; the context and uses, too ”, assures Jean-Éric Valli, president of the Les Indés Radios group, which brings together 130 FM stations. The proof: with him, five other bosses of radio empires (Radio France, M6, NRJ, Lagardère and Altice Média) have joined together technologically to launch Radioplayer. Or a free platform and application, without additional advertising – than that already broadcast by each station – bringing together “Two hundred radio stations, six hundred Internet radio stations, and thousands of podcasts”.

The objective of this sacred union? “Support new uses”, points out Jean-Éric Valli. By offering to listen to France Inter, RTL, Europe 1 or RMC, for example, on a smartphone, tablet or computer. And also by accompanying the motorist on the road, via the car radio – thanks to agreements, some already signed, others under negotiation, with manufacturers. With new possibilities, offered by digital technology: frustrated at no longer hearing their program in the middle of a tunnel, the driver and his passengers will be able, for example, as soon as the obstacle has passed, pick up the thread at the very moment when they have been interrupted. The interest does not exist only for the listener: radio groups will thus be able to better control their content – thanks to a secure streaming format.

A large audio bath

Good surprise when opening the application: no need to enter a username or password, access is without filter. We are invited to designate a handful of “favorite” radios, before plunging into this great audio bath. Then you can navigate, on a clear and fluid interface, from France Bleu to Nostalgie, via Chérie FM, Radio Nova, France Musique, Mouv ‘, France Info, Radio Classique, Laughs and songs, Tropiques FM, Urban Hit… But also access the web radios of stations broadcasting in FM and DAB + (digital terrestrial radio). “Our idea is to reproduce the radio landscape”, specifies Jean-Éric Valli. Exit, therefore, the stations only online. What about associative stations? “All are welcome, continues the president of Radioplayer. But there is a cost to pay depending on the size of the radio. We are open, in a spirit of realism. “ In other words, it is impossible for structures often operating with public funds and volunteers to pay their entry ticket in Radioplayer.

On Radioplayer, we navigate from France Bleu to Nostalgie, via Chérie FM, Radio Nova, France Musique…

Radio player

For podcasts, the discourse is the same: we find, via an ad hoc tab, the replays of partner stations. A classification by category makes it possible to find happiness, or to accuse disappointment. Thus, when you click on “Children and family”, no way to find the trace of the excellent It was or Odysseys from France Inter, for example. Boomerang by Augustin Trapenard, still on Inter, does not appear in the “Culture & society” list. To be and to know, by Louise Tourret, on France Culture, is absent from the (very thin) “Education” section. Blame it on a premature launch, before all the content has been integrated? This “Shared distribution pipe” – in the words of Xavier Domino, Secretary General of Radio France – offers, for the moment, great comfort to motorists. And everyone has quick access to a multitude of stations, both public and private. For the rest – including the relevance of predictive advice, which suggests listening to RMC when you have put in your favorites France Culture -, we will surely have to be patient.

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