Do you plan to go shopping this weekend? Here are the travel rules to follow

Do you plan to go shopping this weekend? Here are the travel rules to follow
Do you plan to go shopping this weekend? Here are the travel rules to follow

Through Alexandra Segond
Published on 8 Apr 21 at 21:12

Do you plan to do your shopping this weekend? Between confinement and the curfew maintained at 7 p.m., we explain what you can and cannot do. (©Adobe Stock)

For many of us, the week-end is the opportunity to take a break after a good week of (TV) work, but also the privileged moment to go fill the fridge and the cupboards!

Since Saturday April 3, 2021, France is once again subject to travel restrictions and this for four weeks, at least until May 2. How far can I go to do my shopping? Am I allowed to go to another department than mine? Do i still need a attestation ? We take stock.

Shopping around your home

Between maintaining the curfew at 7 p.m. and putting in place travel restrictions, it can be hard to navigate. Regarding travel, it all depends on the distance that you want to browse.

During the day, that is to say from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can easily move without a certificate within a radius of 10 kilometers around your home. Going to buy bread in your usual bakery, shopping or going to your supermarket to stock up on larger provisions, it is therefore quite possible.

A simple proof of address and / or an identity document is sufficient in the event of an inspection.

What do I risk if I violate the travel restrictions?

In the event of non-compliance with all the measures imposed by the government on the whole of France since Saturday April 3, you first risk a fine of 135 euros. It can then be increased to 375 euros in the event of non-payment within the time limit. In the event of a repeat offense, the bill can go up to 3,750 euros and six months in prison.

Possible movement in the department

If you have to go beyond the 10 km limit around your home to do your shopping, pick up an order or benefit from certain services, don’t panic: the travel certificate has provided a derogatory reason for this. But only if you stay in your department of residence.

Note, however, that people residing at the borders of a department benefit from with a tolerance of 30 kilometers beyond their department. In all cases, you must bring the travel certificate with box 6 checked “Purchases, cultural establishments or places of worship”. Do not hesitate to take a proof of address in addition.

But if you hoped go to another region for shopping, the answer is no. As a reminder, only people benefiting from a compelling reason (work, health reasons, moving that cannot be postponed, family reason, etc.) can make inter-regional trips.

No limit in case of professional purchase

In the event that you need to purchase supplies “necessary for professional activity”, be aware that you can move around both during curfew and outside of curfew, and within your department.

You must for this bring your travel certificate derogatory with box 1 checked (“Professional activity, education and training, mission of general interest”) according to your exit schedule, as well as a professional proof. The latter is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. You can also download it directly below:

Likewise, if you have to buy health products, you can move around even during curfew. To do this, you need to provide yourself with the exceptional travel certificate and tick box 2 “Health (consultations and care) in the column corresponding to your outing schedule.

Check store hours and arrangements

Make sure you do inquire with stores in which you plan to shop. With the curfew, multiple brands close their doors at 7 p.m., sometimes even before. Others were able to set up a “click and collect” system.

As a reminder, only shops and so-called “essential” services are allowed to remain open. More specifically, these are:

  • Shops remained open during the first two lockdowns
  • Bookstores
  • Record stores
  • Hair salons
  • DIY stores
  • Plant and flower shops
  • Chocolatiers
  • Shoemakers
  • Car dealerships (by appointment)
  • Real estate visits

Finally, note that shopping centers of more than 10,000 square meters are forced to remain closed. In the case of open or covered markets, only “food businesses or offering the sale of flowers, seeds, fertilizers, seeds and plants of fruit or vegetable species” are authorized, specifies the government site.

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