New scam on Whatsapp: be careful if you receive an unknown message

New scam on Whatsapp: be careful if you receive an unknown message
New scam on Whatsapp: be careful if you receive an unknown message

Be careful if you receive an unexpected authentication message on WhatsApp followed by a request from one of your contacts. You absolutely must not answer. It was about a scam of a group of hackers. You risk giving your code to the hacker who will come into possession of your account and send the same message to all your contacts.

The technique of this computer hacking is well established. And very dangerous. First, you receive an authenticity verification text message. Exactly the same as the usual message when you log into a new account.

After this SMS, you will then receive a message from a number registered in your contacts. Here is the message: “Hello, sorry I sent you a 6-digit code by text message by mistake, can you forward it to me please? It’s urgent.”

Your reaction must be immediate: you must not respond. In reality, it is not your WhatsApp that has been hacked … but that of your contact who is sending you the message. On the other hand, if there is a response, you enter the circle of victims. If hacker attacks are frequent on WhatsApp, this one is particularly ingenious. Because it plays on your circle of friends which increases the feeling of trust.

Note that it is wise to never respond to a questionable message, even from a close friend. To avoid this type of inconvenience, do not hesitate to send an SMS to the person concerned or via another communication channel.

For individuals who have been fooled. Don’t panic: you have to reconnect as quickly as possible and regain control of your messaging. Another possible trick, the activation of a double authentication. This will strengthen the security of your account because it will adjust a personalized pin code that you will be asked for at each new connection.

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