Windows 10: the latest preview version brings great features

The Redmond development team behind Windows 10 has now added more visible innovations in the latest pre-release. Build 21354 is now available to all registered testers for download. After installation, the keen observer should first notice that the designation of the development branch in the desktop watermark, which is displayed in the lower right corner, has changed. It used to be RS_PRERELEASE, but CO_RELEASE can now be read. This is a sign that the features are nearing completion for the next fall update. One of the innovations of Build 21354 is the ability to further tailor the taskbar information area to your own needs. If the associated window is open, the user sees the new “Manage Points of Interest” button at the top, behind which a settings page hides the customization of this area. The user can now determine what information is displayed here in a quick view. However, international sources are only added gradually and selection is currently limited to content from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, India and Australia.A number of setting options for the display control have also been added. Here you can also turn off the brightness adjustment depending on the content as it can cause some issues especially when editing photos and videos as the user also cannot understand the intricacies between them. individual images if the system makes automatic changes here. Another minor innovation is the ability to display the monitor’s HDR certification. Additionally, there were the minor changes and bugfixes typical of previews.


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