Apple TV: the “new” remote control does not come from Apple

We’ve been hearing about a new remote control for the Apple TV codenamed B519 that’s been hiding in the tvOS 14.5 code for several betas now. This could naturally suggest the imminent arrival of a new Apple TV. But it turns out that the model does not come from Apple.

The new remote control for Apple TV… does not come from Apple

Indeed, the beta 6 of tvOS 14.5 (which was released yesterday) includes an image of this famous B519 remote control for Apple TV. This has several buttons, including one for accessing the TV program. This may come as a surprise knowing that Apple does not offer a TV service on its box. The only way to access it is through a third-party application.

What is this remote control, discovered by 9to5Mac? This is a model of Universal Electronics which is distributed to operators. They can offer it to their customers so that they can watch TV channels from Apple TV through a dedicated application. It is by no means a new remote control from Apple for the future Apple TV.

At the same time, developer Steve Mosser

a new line of code in tvOS 14.5 beta 6. The user is prompted to “press the center button or the touchpad to continue”. The remote control that came with Apple TV does have a tactile surface, but not a central button. The Universal Electronics model does, however.

The B519 remote control in tvOS 14.5 is therefore not for a new Apple TV. However, Apple is indeed preparing a new TV box with, precisely, a new remote control. Rumors from 2020 speak of a new design and integration with Apple’s Find My app to make it easy to find.


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