Verizon promises big discounts and broken phone deals on April 1

Verizon promises big discounts and broken phone deals on April 1
Verizon promises big discounts and broken phone deals on April 1
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This is the time of year when it’s worth being wary of pranks and promotions that sound too good to be true. But from tomorrow, yes, April 1, Verizon owns Some big discounts on phones and swaps for broken devices It is completely legitimate.

Verizon has stated that the new Customers can get up to $ 1000 off a new 5G phone, Dr.On the device you are trading on, You just have to make all major devices, except the most expensive, free. Dr.The number of existing Verizon customers switching to a new unlimited plan (do more, play more, get more unlimited) or add a new line isn’t really prohibitive – they Limited to a total of $ 440 in discounts.

But the unusual part of the deal is that Verizon is offering $ 100 for older phones like the iPhone 6S or the Galaxy S7. Even if they have a cracked screen or have been damaged by water, while newer devices like iPhone 8 or later And Galaxy S8 or later You can get up to $ 440 in credit even if you’re not working (despite what you get Obviously, the receipt will depend on the malfunction of your old phone.)

and the most recent The device you’re trading with really works Job It is in good condition It can be worth up to $ 700 in trade credit.

Important details To see if you want to take advantage of these free tips Is it the will Need your port More than your number Former carrier, trade in a device for an account statement balance of up to $ 700, then sign up for one of Verizon’s unlimited premium plans, which will net you another $ 300 e-gift card (which, according to Verizon, is expected to arrive within eight weeks of signing.above).

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So even if there is little Hoops and constraints to go through, if you play your cards right and trade correctly, you should get $ 700 plus $ 300 net worth of around $ 1000. The brilliant new flagship of 5G Phone.

Another important thing to remember is that the exchange device statement balances are scheduled for payment over a 24 month period, so if you decide to switch to another carrier or downgrade your plan sooner, you will need to pay. the remaining balance on your 5G device. yourself.

Unfortunately, as the Verizon deal isn’t officially released until tomorrow, it’s not entirely clear how much you’ll get for lesser-known or outdated devices like the original Pixel or something like the LG V30. But if you’re feeling tempted, Verizon should have much more detailed information on potential trade-ins and purchases for new phones. Detailed in it’s a Tomorrow.

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