We tested Balan Wonderworld: a colorful and poetic universe

Dive into the heart of the wonderful world of Balan and its 12 accounts. Unlock and collect over 80 costumes to advance in this colorful story. Shall we tell you more?

In this game from Square Enix studios, you play as Emma or Leo, two children invited to Wonderworld. You will go through 12 chapters each representing a character with negative emotions. Your goal ? Restore the balance of their hearts. Help Balan, the enigmatic master of ceremonies, defeat Lance, a villain who creates monsters with negativity. Little more: the adventure can also be played for two.

How it works ?

In Balan Wonderworld, you must succeed in completing the 12 chapters, themselves composed of two levels and a boss. To do this, you will have to unlock costumes to advance in the story. These give you super powers: jump higher, throw fireballs, swim in the water… You also have the help of the “Tims” of the mysterious creatures generated by happiness. There are several colors and each has its own particularity. In each level is a golden top hat. If you find it, you will have access to a bonus level with Balan.

A free demo

If you want to try the game before buying it, it’s possible! Square Enix offers you to download a free demo, of three levels and access to Ile des Tims. After playing, you keep your progress and you will not start over if you buy the game. As a bonus, you will win a new costume.

  • Studio : Square Enix
  • Price: € 59.99 (price which may vary depending on the console and the seller)
  • Release Date: Mar 26, 2021
  • Genre: action and platforms
  • Disponible sur : PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series et Steam
  • Recommended age: 12 years old and over

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