Tencent helped Chinese police dismantle cheat ring

Reception ” Video games ” Tencent helped Chinese police dismantle cheat ring

                            As cheating spreads through the gaming world, Chinese police have successfully shut down one of the biggest cheating networks in history.                           

Credit: 11333328 via Pixabay

In recent years, cheating has been one of the worst scourges in the world of video games. There are more and more software that are sold at exorbitant prices and which allow you to have better aim or to see your enemies through walls for shooting games. Like Activision, which regularly bans people using cheat software, Tencent, the Chinese mobile gaming giant, has decided to tackle the source of the problem. The company would have helped the Chinese authorities to flush out the largest network of cheaters in the history of video games.

The organization appeared to have specialized in certain titles, such as Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile. It charged users a subscription giving them access to many cheat software for a price ranging from $ 10 per day or $ 200 per month, so it is a considerable amount that people were prepared to pay. According to the latest information, the network has garnered a total income of 76 million dollars. Chinese police have requisitioned as much as $ 46 million in goods, including luxury cars. Ten people were arrested and around 17 cheat programs were destroyed by the police.

It is not clear exactly what Tencent’s role was in the operation, but it is conceivable that the company provided authorities with some data that the police used to locate the group of cheaters. This kind of operation is a testament to the importance of cheating networks in the video game world, especially since the global pandemic was declared, with people turning to video games in droves since the first containment measures began.


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