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Bouncing eggs have just arrived in Fortnite! Where to find them for the challenge?

Each week there are challenges available in Fortnite, allowing you to earn XP. This Thursday is a legendary challenge related to Easter who came out, since he asks to pick up bouncing eggs hidden all over the island.

We help you find these eggs to succeed, but also to be able to take advantage of their beneficial properties during games!

Where are the bouncing eggs in Fortnite?

The bouncing eggs just added to Fortnite! This is an item that will give you shield, but also allow you, as its name suggests, to bounce! It is therefore very interesting to collect them, whether it is for the challenge or for their properties.

These eggs are scattered all over the map, at specific locations. However, they do not appear in every game, so you may have some difficulty finding them. They can be found in the places indicated on the map below:

Location of some bouncing eggs in Fortnite

You can also help yourself from the screenshots below to find these bouncing eggs in Fortnite:

fortnite-bouncing-eggs-1A bouncing egg in Fortnite

fortnite-bouncing-eggs-2A bouncing egg in Fortnite

Other bouncing eggs can be found in the game as well, we will update this article shortly to let you know their locations. You will need to collect a large number of them to complete all the legendary challenges of this week 3, and recover all of the promised XP. You will thus greatly advance in your battle pass!



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