The end of the series “The 100” arrives on Netflix

The end of the series “The 100” arrives on Netflix
The end of the series “The 100” arrives on Netflix

But before the protagonists confront these new characters, the murderous tensions that plague Sanctum must be assuaged, and the task is difficult for Clarke who leads the operations. The one who has never stopped making difficult decisions throughout her life to save her comrades must once again face moral dilemmas.

In 7 seasons, “The 100” has had its ups and downs, sometimes getting lost in lengthy and unconvincing plots, before coming back stronger and daring powerful scenarios. The attachment to the heroes of the beginnings, then to many characters who arrived along the way, remains very strong, so much so that each death is heartbreaking. The 16 episodes that make up this last season alternate good ideas and sometimes grotesque detours, not sparing the fans. This final lap is therefore mixed, even if the very end remains satisfactory.

VIDEO. Trailer for season 7 of the series “The 100”


«The 100», American series by Jason Rothenberg, with Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos… Season 7 (2020), 16 episodes of 42 minutes. On Netflix.

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