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Find out where the bouncing eggs are hidden in Fortnite for the Season 6 challenge!

The challenges are still present in this season 6 of Fortnite, always operating week by week. As always, some challenges can be a little more complicated to achieve, and we explain how to do it!

Find out where pick up bouncing eggs hidden on the map, for the challenge of week 3!

Where are the bouncing eggs hidden in Fortnite?

Fortnite Week 3 Legendary Challenge requires picking up a brand new item: bouncing eggs ! These eggs will give you back shield, but will also allow you to bounce when you use them.

These eggs are all on the ground, at specific locations on the map. However, they do not appear in every game, so you may have some difficulty finding them.

You can find them in the locations shown on the map below, which we’ll update when we find more:

You can also use the screenshots below to find their location:

fortnite-bouncing-eggs-1A bouncing egg in Fortnite

fortnite-bouncing-eggs-2A bouncing egg in Fortnite

forntite-bouncing-egg-1A bouncing egg in Fortnite

forntite-bouncing-egg-2A bouncing egg in Fortnite

forntite-bouncing-egg-3A bouncing egg in Fortnite

forntite-bouncing-egg-4A bouncing egg in Fortnite

Other eggs can also be found on the map. We will add them back to the map once we have their locations! If you haven’t seen one yet, here’s what a bouncing egg looks like in Fortnite:

fortnite-eggs-where-find-locationBouncing eggs in Fortnite

Remember that you will need to find a number of them to complete the challenge, which has multiple stages. In addition to the challenge, these eggs will also be useful in your game thanks to their bouncing and shielding properties!



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