The new range of B & You packages from Bouygues Telecom is out!

After RED, it is also now Bouygues’ turn to revise its range of inexpensive, no-obligation packages which bears the B & You brand name. Low prices, 4G or 5G envelopes for all needs, and recognized quality of the Bouygues Telecom network, this is what we suggest you discover here. A new range of 4 4G subscriptions, from € 4.99 per month and data envelopes ranging from 1 GB to 160 GB, and in addition for the covered areas, discover a special 5G series of 130 GB signed Bouygues.

1GB package for € 4.99 / month: 1st 4G offer from B & YOU

This first proposal from the catalog B & You is an ideal offer for those who do not need to connect to the Internet too regularly with their smartphone, or who have the good habit of connecting to other networks with WIFI at home or at the office among others;) With this subscription to fixed price of € 4.99 per month, you will then benefit from 1GB of data, a little inflated envelope but which still targets a large part of consumers such as children or adolescents, or even the elderly.

Internet endowment of 1GB can be used in Europe and the French overseas departments. Regarding communications, these are unlimited in mainland France. Convenient precisely for children or adolescents who can contact their friends or their parents without counting when they want. Please note, the offer is only valid until April 7, 2021, so don’t wait too long to seize the opportunity.

inexpensive pass access

3 maxi packages from € 12.99 at Bouygues / B & You

The second forfait B&You of the day is already much more comfortable in terms of mobile data with 60GB this time for a price of € 12.99 per month with no price increase to be expected. A no-obligation solution of duration presented by operator Bouygues on its website until April 7.

60GB package at € 12.99 B & You

To satisfy an even wider range of consumers, hold on tight, because it is also quite possible to access a promotion of 100GB at € 14.99 per month or even 160GB less than 20 € (€ 19.99 per month). No surprises in 6 months or 12 months with all the formulas presented here; it is a big advantage not to have to constantly change operator to be on a price considered “reasonable”.

To go into the details of each B & You mobile plan on offer, note that all of them automatically include the following services:

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France
  • Unlimited calls and SMS from Europe and overseas departments to France and Europe and overseas departments
  • An Internet envelope of 10 to 15GB usable in Europe or in the overseas departments
  • Quality of 4G Bouygues network
  • The freedom of without commitment
  • Flexibility in changing offers, adding or removing options with a dedicated customer area.

A 130GB 5G package to complete the B & You range

If you are lucky enough to be in a city covered by the 5G network from Bouygues Telecom, have no hesitation in accessing the most optimal connection possible thanks to a subscription that allows it (in addition to the smartphone compatible 5G that you will need to own)! The solution offered by Bouygues without obligation is the 5G B & You 130 GB package at € 24.99.
If you fall for this almost unlimited 5GB proposal, then take advantage of:

  • Your unlimited calls and SMS in France (including overseas departments)
  • Your unlimited MMS sending in France
  • All the same unlimited communication options from Europe and Overseas
  • An envelope of 15 GB of data for your uses in Europe and in the overseas departments

Forfait 5G B&You


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