Big lol, the RTX 4090 is already showing, and it’s a monster!

Important ventilation, no less than 18,000 Cuda cores and 232 RT cores with a Boost frequency of 2169 MHz and a use of 48 GB of RAM with the next DGGR7 standard, the next RTX 4090 is already showing on the web and displays the disproportionate ambitions of the Greens, especially when we look at the connections and we see that the card has its own power supply with a direct connection!

It makes no sense ? Yes, but it is particularly well done! The work done for this April Fool’s Day is remarkable with working fans, plus some RGB lighting here and there to give the card a modern feel. Of course, we suspect that the next generation will not be as impressive, but we can not help but think that the next high-end cards will take even more volume, just like for the passage of RTX 2000 to the RTX 3000.

source : Captains Workspace

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