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To prevent you from falling into the (sometimes dubious) traps of April 1, Numerama has aggregated several that you may have come across on the web today.

Today is the worst day of the year. We are April 1st, the day that certain media or companies traditionally choose to make more or less funny jokes. For internet users, it’s a real ordeal: you have to navigate between false press releases and real news, knowing that the border is sometimes very thin between the two.

Fortunately, the April Fools orchestrated by companies are often too big to be believed. But one only has to look at the Volkswagen case (see below), which missed its very bad joke, to realize how this tradition can turn into a disaster in terms of communication.

Here is some false information that we detected on the web this April 1, 2021 – this article will be updated throughout the day.

The Voltswagen fiasco

Volkswagen which would become Voltswagen: for a few hours, many believed in it. We must admit that the German manufacturer has done everything to make the deception work, to the point of lying to the media and changing the name of its Twitter account. What was first thought of as a joke of dubious quality (betting on a pun with the unit volt to assert a new strategy centered on 100% electric) has become a bad buzz that has forced Volkswagen to present apologies.

In a final tweet published on March 31, Volkswagen still wanted to keep up appearances: “ What started out as an April Fool’s Day ended in a global buzz. It seems that people are as passionate about our heritage as they are about our electric future. Whether it’s Volkswagen or Voltswagen, the fact that people are talking about electric mobility and our ID.4 is a good thing », He indicates.

On the press side, however, confidence seems shattered, as pointed out

, reporter for USA Today: ” Dear Volkswagen. You lied to me. You lied to the AP, CNBC, Reuters and other media. It wasn’t a joke. It was a disappointment. In case you haven’t noticed, we have a misinformation problem in this country. Now you are part of it. Why should we still trust you? “It is recalled that Volkswagen has already lied in the past. And that had given the dieselgate.

By the way, Volkswagen has given a little layer by writing ‘Watt happened ?‘ rather than ‘What happened ?« … Incorrigible.

The DIY headphones from Sennheiser

Known for its excellent audio products, Sennheiser has us believe that it will launch a DIY – Do It Yourself headset. So you would have to do it yourself, knowing that the dynamic speakers, rivets and two boxes of corned beef are provided. ” Free the sound engineer in you. The company, it, has certainly released the clown that is in it.

Razer hair dye

Razer now has a wide variety of products designed for gamers. On the occasion of April 1, the props lifts the veil on Rapunzel Chroma, a hair dye that would use its RGB lighting technology. It should be noted in passing that Rapunzel refers to Rapunzel, a princess known for her masterful hair. If you ever believed it, Razer would be looking for beta testers.

Halo Infinite’s new delay

They say that you should not shoot at ambulances, which did not prevent a little clever from making believe thatHalo Infinite, which was due out with the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X late last year, was going to suffer a further delay. The specialized media Kotaku got tricked by a fake Twitter account, then apologized.

Smart bricks and vacuum cleaner at Lego

We are not going to criticize Lego too much, because its April Fool’s Day is enough funny. The company took advantage of April 1 to have fun with a phenomenon linked to its bricks: the pain they inflict when you walk on them without shoes. The Danish company then presented two solutions: smart bricks, which would be able to move by detecting a human foot, and a vacuum cleaner, which could vacuum the bricks while taking care to sort them. What to avoid many cries of suffering.

Smart bricks:


Lego vacuum cleaner // Source: Lego

A flirting game by Riot

Riot Games, known for League of Legends, announced a fake game for April 1: Valuing: The agents of love. Here is the description: ” This is Riot Games’ very first excursion into the flirtatious genre. Inspired by the success of the Spiritual Flower event in League of Legends last summer, which allowed fans around the world to flirt with their favorite champions, Riot Games now wants to extend the experience. »In short, we will rather go back to the Valuing classic.

Rating: Agents of Love // ​​Source: Riot Games

Microsoft’s takeover of Discord

For several days, Microsoft has been lending the ambition to acquire Discord for an immense amount ($ 10 billion). While waiting for a possible announcement (nothing is official to date, but discussions are underway), a fake YouTube account has fun by posting a video on March 31. Entitled Announcing Partnership With Microsoft, it finally takes the form of a rickroll – an old internet joke that deceives by releasing the music video Never Gonna Give You Up. The video in question has nevertheless accumulated more than 120,000 views… A successful rickroll.

The cream for coders

It was 4:24 pm, a fairly quiet Wednesday March 31, when Numerama’s editorial staff received a press release with the following subject line: “ A hand cream that allows you to code twice as fast! “. In short: a Lyon startup would have created a patented cream that would improve the productivity of developers. Next.

Cream for coders // Source: Hetchr

Recruitment criteria for astronauts

Do you dream of becoming an astronaut for ESA? The agency has updated its recruitment criteria. You now need these three prerequisites to have a chance of being hired: providing your own helmet, knowing how to count from 10 in at least 3 languages ​​and knowing how to make a crème brûlée. If even the ESA does it …

The CERN nerd joke

« CERN is proposing a vertical particle accelerator that would test a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics with unprecedented precision. » Ok Sheldon Cooper.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa right hand

The Leaning Tower of Pisa delivered straight by gravitational waves? This is what an observatory, which allows us to study black holes, is trying to make us believe. Don’t ask us why, but this discovery would put an end to a 900-year tilt fault thanks to cosmic properties …

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